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  1. mdsRN2005

    UMC vs. St. Dominic, Jackson Mississippi

    Hi amandagayle! Are you still at St D, and if so do you still like it? Any additional info on the culture, scheduling, etc?
  2. mdsRN2005

    I don't feel like a real nurse

    I worked my first job for 9 years, so I can totally relate. After about 7 years I started to feel “stuck in a rut”. It’s completely normal to want to tackle new challenges! And doing so helps us grow! I would say to really do some soul searching to determine if you love your actual job but are just bored and frustrated at doing the same thing so long. If so, look for ways to advance within that job. Charge nurse, leadership committees, specialty certification, etc. This really helped me feel like I was growing without changing jobs. However if you don’t really love the area and job itself, maybe it’s time to try something new? Either way I hope you find something you love!
  3. mdsRN2005

    Leaving the er after six months

    I too left the ER for a “easier” job only to be bored out of my mind. Now I’m thinking of going back to ER. One thing to consider, when you work 8 hr shifts (or even 10hr ones like I do), you don’t get as many days off. Yes you’ll have weekends and holidays but that’s all! If you actually enjoy the ER but hate the rotating shifts, stay as long as you have to go fulfill any obligations or commitments you have made but look at other ER’s where you’d have a set schedule. Unless of course your manager is willing to accommodate you.
  4. mdsRN2005

    ER Overtime?

    One thing to look into is what the standard number of shifts is (without picking up “extra”). Many facilities consider 72 hrs (6 shifts) per pay period as full time. However in a facility I worked in, we were regularly scheduled for 84 hrs (7shifts). Either way, ask during the interview about overtime. Keep in mind OT hours get taxes higher. Sometimes it’s better to work a second job on the side instead of overtime at your main job. Food for thought!
  5. mdsRN2005

    Leaving nursing

    Very good advice! I’ve never asked to shadow but in two different cases wish I had! It probably would’ve been eye opening! Do you ask during the interview? Have you ever been told no?
  6. mdsRN2005

    Help! New grad ER nurse, leaving before year mark?

    I’ve worked ER for almost a decade and can tell you for a fact it’s not for everybody! If you truly feel in your gut that it’s not for you, try something that’s a more controlled setting like ICU, Tele, med surg, etc. Not to say these units aren’t busy, but it’s more of an “organized chaos” as opposed to the ER, which is very much “disorganized chaos” lol HOWEVER... it sounds like you’re in a badly run ER. A 4:1 ratio is very difficult in the ER on a busy day, even for an experienced nurse but especially for a new grad. 4:1 plus hallway patients is definitely too much! (It also tells me a lot when you say the experienced nurses are leaving). Also having started as a new grad in the ER myself (midsize level 3) I can only imagine how overwhelming it would’ve been to start in a large level 1. If you have honestly enjoyed ER but just feel overwhelmed in your current position, look for a job in a smaller ER that’s a lower level trauma center (not to say you won’t get train wrecks bc you will but you won’t be getting as many bad ones transferred in). Avoid the really tiny hospitals though, as the ER will be tiny and you may be one of only two or three nurses, which is also not ideal for a new grad. Medium size level 2 or 3 should be better. Ask a lot of questions about ratios and staffing when you interview, and tour the ER if possible. Should give you a few clues. Hope this helps! Keep us posted!
  7. mdsRN2005

    Postpartum or Critical Care for New Grad offer?

    I’ve never worked either but nursing specialties are vastly different, what one nurse might love another will be miserable at and vice versa. I say go with your gut. If you’ve always wanted to do Ob, and you have an opportunity, why would you instead choose something you can’t picture yourself doing? As to limiting your future career options, who cares if it’s something you love? Besides you can always go from postpartum to L&D, nursery, or NICU. And if you’re happy where you’re at, you may never leave! Nursing is a hard job and having been in both positions, I can tell you a bad day in an area you love is better than a good one in an area you hate! Best of luck! Keep us posted what you decide and how it goes!
  8. mdsRN2005

    NCLEX Instructor Career

    I don't know about educational requirements such as a MSN but I know to teach hurst you have to have five years nursing experience
  9. mdsRN2005

    Pros and Cons -- Nurse Educator

    Hi I'm a nurse with 9 years experience and am considering becoming a nurse educator. I have precepted dozens of new nurses in my current job and truly enjoy teaching. I can definitely see myself in the clinical setting tracing students hands on nursing skills and assessment. However, I'm not as excited about the thought of preparing lectures or grading care plans. How much time is spent in each area? Also is it possible to get an adjunct position just teaching clinicals not lectures? Any feedback from current instructors would be much appreciated!
  10. mdsRN2005

    Interested in Mother/Baby...thoughts?

    Hi I've just been reading your thread and would love to know whether you got the job and if so, which side you chose! I'm in the exact same situation! I've been an ER nurse for 8 years but am looking for a change of pace. I have a friend who recently started working the OB unit (mother only, baby is cared for by the nursery nurses). There is a position open there that I am considering applying for. I'd love to hear your experience transitioning from ER to OB
  11. mdsRN2005

    Has anyone worked as a HURST instructor?

    Hi I was wondering if you got the Hurst job and how you liked it! Any info on working for the company?
  12. Hi has anyone taught the HURST review? I enjoy teaching but don't think I want to teach nursing school. I think the HURST would be a fun alternative, does anybody have any experience with it? Or info regarding schedule, travel, pay, etc? Thanks!

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