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  1. Jacksonville University May 2017

    Not yet, I hope we hear something soon!!!
  2. Jacksonville University Summer 2017

    Not yet! I hope we hear something soon! I hate waiting haha
  3. Jacksonville University May 2017

    Has anyone else applied for JU's second-degree nursing program for May 2017 or can anyone tell me anything about this program? Thanks!!
  4. Jacksonville University Summer 2017

    Anybody else? Just me?
  5. JU, UNF, UF, UCF, and USF ABSN Applicants for 2017

    Has anyone applied to JU?
  6. Jacksonville University Summer 2017

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet so I figured I would start one! Is anyone else out there applying for JU's second-degree BSN program that begins in May 2017??!! I just recently submitted my application and I can't wait to hear back!!
  7. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    I would take it as a good sign if yours still says pending. I had applied for FNP, probably one of the most competitive specialties. I guess it's time for plan B, though! I'm going to apply to the ABSN program at Capital and a few others. I will cons...
  8. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    NurseLeesh, that is what mine says, too. The only thing I can think of is that I don't have just one prerequisite complete, pharmacology, which I was planning on doing in the spring. But I have a 4.0 in the rest of my prereqs so I don't know. I won't...
  9. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    Thanks. Did anyone else receive a decision either way? I'm not sure if this is the normal message someone gets when they do not get accepted or if there is some other reason they couldn't "approve" my application. It makes me wonder if there is somet...
  10. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    My app status changed to decision. It said my application was not approved and that more information would be sent by email later. Good luck to everyone else!
  11. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    Agreed!! :)
  12. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    I hope so!!!!! My fortune from Panda Express tonight said "Good news is coming your way - it will be here any day," so here's to hoping that it actually comes true and pertains to OSU hahaha
  13. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    It was from a faculty member.
  14. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    I hope so too. I legitimately need to know really soon for military purposes.....
  15. OHIO STATE Grad-Entry Summer 2017

    All I've heard is that they expect to send out most decisions before Christmas.