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  1. What about if you said you quit because you had a family emergency... and now you would like to work again? You dont even have to goninto detail about the family emergency. Technically it isnt a lie... you had to tend to yourself ..... Many people diacriminate..even though it is illegal it is still real. Protect yourself ...
  2. Katlove10

    Need an emotional support dog

    Thank you for responding. The dog would go with me to study and everywhere else I need to go . I need a dog but I do not want to leave the dog at home when I go to the grocery store or if I go study at a coffee shop. We do not have a large yard to let the dog roam around in. So he would be indoors . I don't think that's fair to the dog. Making it an emotional support dog would give me the ease of making the dogs life a good life, while also allowing me to be able to have a dog. The questions to my problems were posted at the bottom of my topic. ...It would be helpful if you had insight to those. :)
  3. Katlove10

    Need an emotional support dog

    Hello! my husband is a firefighter. I am in nursing school. I get anxiety when he is gone (he is gone quite a bit ) and I can't sleep. It's really wearing me down. L.s.s. I'm getting a dog but would like to make it an emotional support dog. If course, this dog would not actually go to work with me or to school with me . It would go lots of other places though. Question::: when applying for a job, can anyone look up medical info and discriminate against me for having an emotional support dog ? If I didn't tell the hospital I applied at, would there be any way for them to find out prior to hiring me ?
  4. Katlove10

    advice? so depressed.

    Hi everyone! I am 2 months into my nursing program. I spend literally all of my time studying. As soon as spring break hit, I realized I had lost myself in the madness. I feel like I don't know myself anymore. I'm depressed, haven't felt like reaching out to anyone and I have a tightness in my throat. I've made plans to study, but because I'm so unhappy it takes me twice as long to do the work. I work out 4 times a week before class...but I feel like its not good enough. My biggest issue is I am not my carefree silly, loving self anymore. I've become depressed, meek, a little jealous at times, and a computer and TV whore. Getting out into the real world and having fun seems so difficult because I don't feel free. I feel shackled down, and heavy. Help.