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  1. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    For what it's worth, about the postponing part, when I switched jobs I had to give my employer at that time a 2 month notice because of the position I was in and still am. My position is/was called "weekend special" and for whatever reason we had to...
  2. Yep, and I made it as well. What's up??
  3. Everything you described, I've experienced. Mixing surgery patients with covid patients, no techs, etc etc. It doesn't matter the situation, you better at least have an hourly round, no exception. This is exactly why you shouldn't have that many pati...
  4. 1st, someone should be visibly checking on you at least once an hour, even if it's just cracking the door and peeking in. Usually nurses make a round one hour and the tech makes a round the next hour. 2, I know you're frightened. I would be as well. ...
  5. Patient going to complain against me?

    Where do you want me to start?
  6. Patient going to complain against me?

    Just out of curiosity and me being a smidge nosey I were you able to see it?
  7. Patient going to complain against me?

    Yes! For the love of God....just because a patient has fallen asleep doesn't mean they're pain free. When I hear that I cringe because that small minded thinking can't possibly get any more ignorant or misunderstood....uninformed...whatever reason on...
  8. I finally figured out a while back that Healthcare is NOT about the patient and keeping their best interests in mind and as healthy as medical advances allow IS their HEALTH for God's sake....but about the famous red cent and how to make m...
  9. Patient going to complain against me? long have you been doing this again??
  10. Reported to the BON for cellphone usage?

    So, to me, it just seems like this must be an ongoing over and over again seeing you on your phone no matter how it is you're using it. I'm pretty sure it's every hospitals policy that their employees not be on their phone. My hospital ...
  11. Patient going to complain against me?

    "Miserable at baseline." Brilliant.
  12. Patient going to complain against me?

    Listen, things like this are going to come up your entire career. You literally just have to brush things like this off and not second guess yourself. You can not do anything that you don't have a Drs order for. Are some people going to give you a ha...