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  1. EmergencyRN22

    Nurse loan forgiveness?

    I'm interested as well, just started grad school.
  2. EmergencyRN22

    What I Wish Would Change/Be Different

    That's horrible. It's ethically wrong and illegal. Hope I never have the pleasure to meet you.
  3. EmergencyRN22

    Assignment - Medical Study

    When I worked SDS - we always had our Drs write some basic PRN meds before they left the unit. That would include antiemetic, opiates, and normally some type of benzo PRN seizures. IME, coming out of anesthesia - patients seizure threshold is usually lower. That's not even taking to patients calcium level into matter.
  4. EmergencyRN22

    Assignment - Medical Study

    Observe for signs of hypocalcemia ...numbness and tingling, tetany, seizures, and QT prolongation.
  5. EmergencyRN22


    Oh, and I've seen and assisted with the removal of renal stents within the ER. I believe all of them were confused geriatric patients who would keep pulling on the strings left just outside the urethra. They would come in the ER with several inches of catheter already out. I believe I've seen red and blue catheters. Not sure if anyone else can chime in about the different colors and meaning of them.
  6. EmergencyRN22


    One can live perfectly fine with one working kidney. The body generally compensates by making the working or remaining kidney larger. Renal stents are not meant to be permanent. There are many complications if left in too long or not closely monitored. Im too tired and can't type well on my iPad. An honest search for "renal stents" or "hydronephrosis" should reveal vast sums number of studies and research.
  7. EmergencyRN22

    Director of Nursing ALF LPN Pay

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I always thought LPNs could be above RNs in a manager position but not as a staff nurse. Hope that makes sense. Lol
  8. EmergencyRN22

    I made a big mistake

    I've never worked the floor. Why wasn't he able to sleep? Was he coughing nonstop? You said he was in no acute distress and no pain. Vitals were are stable. If he couldn't sleep d/t coughing. I'd probably get a breathing tx and cough surpressant ordered before I'd try the Xanax. I wouldn't be hard on you for giving the Xanax.
  9. EmergencyRN22

    cell phones at work

    We have voceras. We are required to provide our extensions on our room walls for patients or family to call us directly. They can even call from home and use the ext to get us personally after being discharged. It's nutty. I've had coworkers get harassing calls from former patients. I even had a lady that was discharged give her son my number. He actually called and told me about the situation and then wanted to "chit chat" while I'm working. We carry enough crap around. Voceras, squad radio and pager along with all my other stuff. I need a flipping "work belt" for everything.
  10. EmergencyRN22

    Doctors want Dr. Oz off Columbia medical faculty

    Dr Travis Stork ...wish he worked my ER. He's easy to look at however I feel he would even bring in MORE patients. Haha
  11. EmergencyRN22

    Nursing dream nightmares!!

    I had a dream last night that I was literally being chased down the hall by the portable X-ray machine. It was trying to kill me!! Anyone else have "odd" nursing dreams besides relentless call lights, monitors alarming or coding patients ?
  12. EmergencyRN22

    New Grad in ED - looking for helpful book??

    Can't think of any book. heres my two cents, particpate in as many codes, unresponsives, resp arrest, any other critical patients as you can. Don't know something...ASK! Never assume anything. Always make sure your rooms ARE STOCKED and you understand how, when, and why you utilize your emergency kits. Delegate when you can. I understand tasks (ekg, lines, blood) are important but try not to focus solely on tasks - try to understand and assess the "big picture". When you're fresh, you need to put your self in new and uncomfortable positions the will allow knowledge growth.
  13. EmergencyRN22

    MetroHealth in Cleveland, Ohio

    Anyone know if they still have mandatory rotating schedules for nurses?
  14. EmergencyRN22

    Kent ABSN UH-Cohort 2015

    I competed the ABSN program many years ago. I just know we graduated with about 60% of the original starting class.
  15. EmergencyRN22

    Calling yourself an RN

    I'd send her a private message first before blasting it all over both walls. Give her the benefit of the doubt -perhaps she didn't know the possible repercussions.