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  1. joycenica

    Please Help me NCLEX_RN "taking classes"

    Thanks for the reply gracie 7.. uhm so you are eligible now to take the nclex rn in new mexico? Does the cgfns requires that you have to be a licensed rn in your country? Coz right now i am having a hard time deciding if i will just do the cgfns and apply to other state or just take the classes here in cali but the problem is financial.. so i am really confused.. i just need to know if cgfns needs you to require a licensed rn in the country you graduated..
  2. Guys, anyone who lives in California? i am desperately in need of help in finding schools that I can take OB and MS classes. This is like the worst day of my life, i got denied with my application of taking the nclex RN here in california and they want me to take OB and MS classes.. Any suggestions? i am thinking if i will just take the OB and MS class or take CGFNS and apply for a different state... Any state that accepts international graduate and cgfns? and another thing i am not licensed in the country that i graduated because i am an american citizen... My dream is to become an RN but I dont think I can become an RN.. sigh.... I am an LVN btw here in california.. Thank you for reading my post.. please if you have suggestion just comment below.. thank you..
  3. joycenica

    Working as a CNA after obtaining LPN licensure

    omg that's crazy.. you're a licensed nurse, you passed the NCLEX that means you have the ability, skills and knowledge of being a NURSE... if i were you just finish your RN and find a job elsewhere..
  4. joycenica

    PASSED LVN Exam in 85question 1st try

    Hi guys, i just passed my nclex pn..i took it may 15 2015.. for the first try.. I would like to let you know that everything is possible with God. To the people who will going to take their exam: "I know you can do it! just be confident in answering the questions. I know it is nerve wrecking but heck you finished your lvn program so that means nclex is just easy as pie. Have faith, always pray" Here are some quotes "Exams are like ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. Their thoughts harass you until late at night, turn your life upside down and cut you off from the rest of the world. All you can do is get over them as quickly as you can. Good luck." "Let your hard work propel you to a speed so fast that good luck has no choice but to ride with a winner like you. All the best for your exams." "If the stress of an exam is bringing you down, just think of studying hard as falling on a trampoline. The harder you fall, the higher you will rise. All the best.
  5. joycenica

    Passed my Nclex- LVN

    Thanks shesanurse... Im in monterey ca...how bout u?
  6. joycenica

    Passed my Nclex- LVN

    Congrats myna.. we did it!!!
  7. joycenica

    Passed my Nclex- LVN

    UPDATE: I PASSED!!! i took the exam may 15... PVT works lol... Thank you Lord!!
  8. joycenica

    Passed my Nclex- LVN

    Congrats shesanurse... Woot woot!!!!
  9. joycenica

    Passed my Nclex- LVN

    I am still waiting... its been 3 weeks no results yet...
  10. joycenica

    california LVN/LPN

    I just have a question... when will they post your lvn license online? I just took mine last may 15 still waiting for the result... thanks
  11. joycenica

    Feeling crazy about my NCLEX..

    Congrats mandycane... awesome... im still waiting for my result... i got the good pop up as well.. i hope i really passed...
  12. joycenica

    Kaplan/HURST NCLEX review

    I did the HURST review since i needed the content to freshen up my mind... kaplan on the other hand taught me strategies on how to answer... but hurst helped me more to understand the questions but kaplan helped me to pick up the best answer..
  13. joycenica

    In need of advice

    For me go for HURST REVIEW to freshen up you mind..i believe that you cannot answer the questions correctly if you dont know the pathology etc.. then apply it to the questions... just dont overthink.. read the rationales.. you dont have to memorize everything just the keywords.. just be calm... always say to your self "YES I CAN"
  14. joycenica

    I failed nclex rn again...

    DONT GIVE UP!!! you can do this... there is no giving up in nursing.. just keep pushing!!!
  15. joycenica

    My NCLEXam story

    Hi ikabud.. wow congratulations.. thats very inspiring.. like you i graduated nursing in the philippines but due to my fear i decided to just take the LPN.. well i just took it last may 15 stopped at 85 and got the good pop up... i am still waiting for the result since california does not participate in quick results... i graduated 2008 yes 2008 long time lol but my cousins motivated me to just take the nclex... if i passed the lpn i will go for RN but california is very strict now they are requiring all the major and minor cases as well as the clinical rotations.. i have them all since i didnt took local board exam in the philippines.. i hope it will turn out right... i am inspired by you.. i have 2 kids and yeah i am ready to go up for RN..
  16. joycenica

    Passed my Nclex- LVN

    im hoping that the pvt is 100% accurate.. im in monterey.. good luck to us...