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  1. candee9909

    Lower O2 sat parameters in babies with cardiac defects

    Wow! Thank you! I couldn’t have asked for a better answer. This is so helpful.
  2. Alright y’all. This one really has me stumped. In the NICU when we have a baby with a congenital heart defect we usually keep their sat parameters lower than normal. 85-90% for example. A long time ago someone told me that the reason we do this is because oxygen is a vasoconstrictor and it would cause a shunt of unoxygenated blood to the left side of the heart. But now I’m reading in several places that oxygen is a vasodilator and everything I thought I knew has gone out the window! Please help with an explanation as to why we keep these kids sat parameters low!
  3. candee9909

    NICU visitation policies needed

    hospital- prefer not to say NICU level- III private patient rooms- 2 out of 60 beds are private for isolation patients number at bedside- 2 at a time who can visit- anyone as long as they are with a parent/guardian with a wristband (we give out 2 wrist bands per baby, usually one to each parent) when can you visit- 22/7 (we close for one hour during shift report in the morning and evening for patient privacy) sibling- 2 siblings are allowed to visit at a time RSV guidelines- siblings <14 are not allowed to visit during RSV season

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