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  1. jensmomrn11

    Online degree advice

    I have been an RN for less than 1 year and am currently working full time in sub-acute rehab. I am looking for a relatively inexpensive online RN-BSN program that I can do at my leisure. I don't care if it takes me 4-5 years to complete, I just want to continue working towards my BSN. I currently have my RN (35 credits) plus an additional 70 college credits and do not want to have to re-take any classes. Some programs will let you take your time but charge a yearly student fee ($1500 per year) and some will require me to take classes over again. I have made it this far without any student loans, have 1 daughter in college and another daughter that will start college in 3 years and I need to pay for them. That is why I would like to take maybe 2-3 classes a year so that I am not financially overloaded. Anybody know of any good online programs that I can look into?
  2. jensmomrn11

    HELP, new nurse and I dont like it

    I am also a new RN and have been working sub-acute rehab/ltc for almost 3 months now. I work the 7A-7P shift, but 12 hours is not enough time to get all the work done for 20-25 patients. I work with some caring nurses, but management just piles way too much on us and I've watched good nurses come and go. I too get so stressed out about going to work that I too dream of a car accident so that I do not have to go in. Sometimes I wonder if Xanax would help. I am trying to stick it out here for at least 6 months to see if I get more comfortable and I don't want to be seen as a job hopper. Somebody please tell me that it does get better over time, and if it doesn't, could it be the environment I work in and a change is in order? I was once an LPN in ltc and was never stressed out like this.
  3. jensmomrn11

    Feel like an idiot

    I had charted admissions before and incident reports before and did not have any problems. I don't know if it was a computer issue or if I was just so flustered over the acuity of the patient that they sent to us and my brain just stopped working. There was no supervisor on when I left or else I would have talked to somebody then. I am off for the next couple of days and will speak to somebody when I work again. As for not getting the Aide's statement, I take resposiblity for that. I should have made sure I got her statement before she left, but when all heck breaks loose, you can only do so much at one time. At least I am the type of person that trys my best to learn from my mistakes and am not likely to make the same mistake twice.
  4. jensmomrn11

    Feel like an idiot

    I am a fairly new RN, with about 1 year LPN experience prior. I found my first job in a sub-acute/LTC facility. This facility gives each RN between 18-22 patients, so you give meds, do tx., take off orders, do new admits, etc. all in a 12 hour period, and if you stay over, you can get written up for overtime. I have only been out on my own for about 2 weeks now and this past weekend, I feel like a total idiot. I am afraid that they are going to call me into the office. I had a skin tear and a new admit plus all of the other days disasters and when I went to put the information into the computer, I don't know if it was me or the computer, but had trouble entering my information. I was in the middle of documenting the new admit assessment in the computer when I was called into a patients room. When I came back to the computer, it would not let me continue so I started a new page and entered all the information. I am afraid that they will not be happy that there is a completed assessment and then a half completed assessment in the computer. When I went to do the incident report for the skin tear, I again had trouble, the computer would not let me advance past the first page. So again I started a new one and this one went through. The place where I work is very particular over the paperwork and I am afraid that this is going to go against me. Also, by the time I got the incident report done, the aide that found the skin tear had left (the aides work 8 hours, the nurses 12) and I did not get her to fill out her statement. I left the report in the 24 hour book plus passed along in report that the aide needed to sign a statement. Again, I am afraid that this will go against me because I did not get it done while the aide was still there. They don't want to hear that the day was busy and the time just gets away from you (especially when you get a new admit who should be going into hospice and not rehab, but that is a different story). As an LPN, we were not allowed to do new admits and I have been getting compliments from both nurse managers on my assessment paperwork up until this point. I have also had compliments from therapy and the other nurses, so am I just being a nervous nelly or am I in trouble?
  5. jensmomrn11

    ltc rant: short staff- burnt out-fall downs

    You are not alone. And the new cuts in Medicare are not making it any better.
  6. jensmomrn11

    Orientation at LTC/Subacute Rehab facility

    I was told that I would have 2 weeks orientation and then, if I was not comfortable, I could ask for more. I had one day in a classroom to fill out paperwork and watch videos. Then had 2 shifts training. On my 3rd and 4th day, they were so understaffed, they put me out on my own. Before I worked another shift, I called the staff manager and insisted on more orientation since I still had not done a new admission or learned how they like their paperwork done. I had a total of 6 days of shadowing a nurse before I was let loose on my own. I am still struggling with the paperwork and my time management and the worst part is, they now have a policy that they will write you up if you get overtime. And the on-coming nurses do not want to do any work that you have completed. I just want to stick it out as long as I can for the experience and then find something else.
  7. jensmomrn11

    When will I stop dreading going to work?!

    I feel your pain. I dread going to work in the mornings and sometimes feel like crying on my way home. The stress is terrible and I am losing sleep at night going over what I did during the day. I am also a new RN grad and just started my first nursing job in a sub-acute/ltc facility. I have only been there a month and can tell you that even the seasoned nurses complain about the amount of work that they expect from us. We each have up to 20 patients, are expected to pass meds, do assessments, treatments, take off orders, call doctors, monitor the dining room, handle any crisis that arises, hand out pain meds every 10 minutes, handle new admissions, make sure to get the paperwork done right the first time, get all the info entered into the computer and have it all finished before change of shift because they will write you up if you get overtime. I am still learning what goes where and working on my time management. I have been getting better since I am beginning to get familiar with the patients and know who likes what and when. The nurse manager lectures us everyday about the paperwork and leaving on time. The worst part is, if they want us to do all of this work, why is it so bad if we need to stay an extra half hour to finish up our work so that the next shift does not have to play catch-up? And if you try to leave on time and have any unfinished work, the next shift gets nasty with you. The other night, I still had one order that I did not take off yet because I thought it was more important to do an incident report on a fall since that is something that I could not pass off. When I told the on-coming nurse everything was done but that one new order, she refused to do it because it was my work. I stayed the extra time to take off the order and send it to pharmacy and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not get written up. How would you guys handle this situation? We were told to let the DON know if any of the nurses give us a problem about work getting carried over, but I do not want to be a rat and cause bad feelings because I am new and trying to just get along.
  8. jensmomrn11

    Sorry I got the RN

    Yes, I started my first RN job right after the new year in a LTC/Rehab facility. It is definitely not my first choice, but it is a chance to get some experience and then hopefully find my niche. I had 2 weeks orientation and am going out on my own this week. It is scary. I am OK with taking over the med cart, since that is mostly what I did as an LPN, but am still full of questions about the paperwork. I know that I have put things in the wrong place a couple of times during my orientation, but I guess that is how you learn, from your mistakes. I watch the experienced nurses fly through the paperwork and wonder how long it will be before I can do that. Right now, I would rather go slow and make sure that it is right, even if it means staying a little later, after my shift.
  9. jensmomrn11


    Thank you, I think that they are the only ones that I did not send a resume to.
  10. jensmomrn11


    mel101478, could you tell me which home care agency is hiring new grads? I am in south jersey, received my license in July and have applied to everything and am still looking.
  11. jensmomrn11

    Sorry I got the RN

    Most places will not allow you to work below your highest license. If you become an RN and your facility only carries so many RN's on their payroll and there is no room for you, out you go. I know a few of my classmates who worked in hospitals as aides while in school, and lost their jobs as soon as they passed the boards.
  12. jensmomrn11

    Sorry I got the RN

    Tried applying to flu clinics, did not get a call back from them either. If I were young and single again, I would pack up and move across country if I had to, but I have a family and cannot do that.
  13. jensmomrn11

    RN working as LPN

    I have a question. I am a new RN grad, but still have an active LPN license. Can I still look for work as an LPN even though I have the higher RN license? Both are currently active and I am having no luck with the RN. I was hoping I could find work as an LPN again, since that is where I have my experience. I contacted the NJ board of nursing, but still waiting for an answer.
  14. jensmomrn11

    Sorry I got the RN

    I actually know somebody that works at Shore Memorial. She even gave me some contact names to send my resume to and still nothing. Not even an interview. As for Atlanticare, they require the BSN and I am only ASN. I am taking classes towards my BSN, but that doesn't help much now.
  15. jensmomrn11

    Sorry I got the RN

    I live in jersey and there are no jobs around. My youngest is in high school and my husband has a good job in this area, so moving to a location that is hiring nurses is really not an option for me. I have even considered getting my license for PA and DE, but not sure if I am going to be able to find work there either.
  16. jensmomrn11

    Sorry I got the RN

    Hope an "up" comes soon. I don't want to lose my skills. Hopefully something will come up. At this point, I will take anything that comes along.