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    Sick, Sore, & Depressed

    Guys I am having a tough time, just wanting some support or advice. Due to some health issues that have developed since being a nurse, I find myself resenting work and I can’t help but feel massive guilt as there are so many nurses who probably have it much harder than me & are such troopers!! I’m only 26! I’ve been a nurse for 3 years on an intermediate Neuro floor. Lots of heavy patients, high acuity. Love my co workers and have good days at work but recently my love for nursing has been fading because of the physical and mental toll it takes. I’ve struggled with depression since being hired & had to start on an antidepressant. I was injured in a bicycle accident last year where I broke both of my arms and tore my trapezius. Ever since, I get awful muscle spasms in my back and neck that make me unable to move for days at a time. For my chronic pain, I started meloxicam which then gave me a stomach ulcer. I’m nauseous every single day and zero appetite - I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks when I’m already naturally thin. I had to stop taking the meloxicam, but still have nausea almost constantly & have back pain much more often. I have also developed Sacroiliitis, & when that flares up it’s extremely painful and impossible to relieve without a narcotic pain pill. I received “verbal warnings” for violating the attendance policy. My manager is aware of my struggles and always feels bad, but he has to do it. I hate having to call in every couple months but there are days where my injuries & health would inhibit patient care and my own health & recovery. I feel so guilty and like a complainer or a baby about it all, and the stress of receiving punishment for this doesn’t help. I’m thinking maybe I should move to a floor or type of nursing that is less physically taxing. Can anyone relate? Has anyone made a change in their nursing career that helped them physically & mentally? I’ve been so low, that I’ve contemplated leaving nursing completely because honestly this stress makes me feel worse then I already do. But I’ve worked so hard and love helping others!!!!

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