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  1. CARN/CARN-AP test advice

    I just passed my CARN-AP exam and wanted to pass on some helpful info while it's still fresh. I was disappointed while studying by how few resources are out there to pass this test. I primarily used the ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine book to s...
  2. Addiction Medicine & NP role

    Probably too late for this advice to matter for you, but in case anyone else has the same Q, thought I would weigh in. I'm an AGNP working in a withdrawal management and residential treatment facility. I don't feel that having a medical/primary care ...
  3. Seattle University APNI 2015

    @May25, if you haven't checked out the facebook page for APNI applicants, that might be a good place to ask some of your questions about commuting, school/life balance, etc. I think there are more current APNI students active on there than here &...
  4. Seattle University APNI 2015

    Same here. I got an email saying a decision had been made & directed me to check online. The App Tracker said a decision was available but I had to go back to the 'My Applications' tab and click on the 'Submitted' link next to my app to see that ...
  5. Seattle University APNI 2015

    Just got an email this morning for the AGNP program (very excited!). I interviewed on 2/28, if that's helpful info for folks.