CARN/CARN-AP test advice

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I just passed my CARN-AP exam and wanted to pass on some helpful info while it's still fresh. I was disappointed while studying by how few resources are out there to pass this test. I primarily used the ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine book to study and found it very useful (though quite long and probably more in-depth than needed). Also found the webinars at to be helpful. I bought the Scope and Standards of Addiction Nursing book, but didn't find it particularly helpful for the test. I did not buy the Core Curriculum of Addictions Nursing published by IntNSA based on the terrible reviews on Amazon, and I did fine without it.



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OMG Finally someone shares their review books! I have been scouring the internet for review materials and what to study for this exam. Is it as hard or NCLEX or ANCC PMHRN certification? Thanks!


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Thank you! Where did you acquire your CEU’s ?

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Hello all,

I am an FNP PMHNP and have my DNP. I also have my X waver but have yet to use it. I have been practicing since 1999. My DNP project was "The biology of addiction: A relapse prevention program." I am now wanting to become a certified addiction NP. 

Is CARN-AP the only certification agency?

Are there online courses to prepare one for the exam or does one need to enroll in an actual academic based program? 

If so, which ones are recommended?

I like the idea of getting the ASAM book and studying on my own if that is possible.

Thanks for your replies in advance.