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  1. Pebanj

    Easiest RN to BSN?

    I'm overwhelmed and stressed out, I work full-time, have kids (8-15, two with special needs), I'm divorced with a dead-beat ex-husband, and my work is requiring me to get my BSN. I do not plan on going back to school after the BSN (previously thought I wanted to, but have found I love what I do!). I just need something straight forward, not overwhelming, not terribly time consuming, that I can complete in 18 months or I need to start looking for a new job - I really like my job though! I started at WGU and had to drop because I was so overwhelmed with the biochemistry class that I couldn't get past it. I passed statistics in just 2 weeks, though. The classes had so much content in so many formats to get through that I was full of anxiety and felt sick all the time. I'm ok with paper writing, but would prefer not to have to take online proctored exams (my house is never quiet or calm enough), and other center-based proctored exams are ok occasionally (like end of course), but not frequently through the class. Please tell me what schools might work for me!
  2. Pebanj

    Cardiac Stepdown or SICU-new grad

    J53 is going to be excellent experience for you. They get LVAD's, rescue patients (trach/vent), and a lot of post open heart surgery patients. They also get an occasional EP patient, heart cath or work-up for surgery. You'll float to some cool units, like J62 where they get nitro gtts, unstable heart rhythms, chest pain/STEMI/NSTEMI patients, hypertensive crisis etc in addition to everything you would see on J53 but less post-op patients and more unstable/work-ups and no rescue patients. Terri's three units have an excellent teams, I really hope you like working here!
  3. What are your opinions on the old vs new (as of May 2016)? I'm not sure if I want to enroll now for the current class requirements or wait until May. Opinions? New (starting May2016) http://www.chamberlain.edu/docs/default-source/student-consumer-info/gainful-employment-program-guides/rn-to-bsn-degree-completion-122-gainful-employment-program-guide.pdf?sfvrsn=2 Old (current through April 2016) http://www.chamberlain.edu/docs/default-source/student-consumer-info/gainful-employment-program-guides/rn-to-bsn-degree-completion-gainful-employment-program-guide.pdf?sfvrsn=6
  4. Pebanj

    Cleveland Clinic Resident Program

    I've had out of state candidates shadow me as part of the interview process. I don't know if they would do a Skype interview since they want to get a feel for you, and the way you interact with other staff members and patients. They also want you to see what level of care we provide, why we rank so high nationally and get a feel for what the job is like.
  5. Pebanj

    Did I not get the job?

    Did you apply through the new grad JIC RN application? Also, your recruiter is the person to contact with questions at the Clinic.
  6. Pebanj

    How long did it take you to hear back from phone interview?

    I went to a hiring event, and received an interview with a nurse manager on two different units. I went to the first, was interviewed by three NM's and ANM's. I had a job offer 1.5 days later. Others I know did the phone interview and never got another interview. Others had a phone interview, then got several NM interviews, sometimes it took up to two weeks to hear back about an offer. They should let you know either way, though.
  7. Pebanj

    new grad cleveland clinic interview.

    Have you heard back? usually you shadow the same day you interview. I had a job offer within 48 hours. Some of my peers and coworkers had job offers within 2 weeks.
  8. Pebanj

    Cleveland Clinic New Grad Test

    It's a PBDS, there's 4 parts. The first two are your responses to statements or prioritizing situations, the last two are videos that you watch and you have to type your assessment & rationale, what you report to the physician/collaborate &rationale, and your nursing interventions & rationale. If I remember correctly there's 10-15 videos. You also have a math and EKG test. The math is the most basic medication math ever.
  9. Pebanj

    Single Moms? Before/after school care?

    I'm a fairly new grad (less than a year), and I'd like to become a nurse practitioner so staying in a hospital is really the best long-term career move for me. I've been wondering if school nursing would be better for my family though, that way I could do all of the driving and meet everyone's needs without relying on others. It would be a pay cut. A big one. It would also kill my ideal career trajectory. Is it worth it, though? Or should I just cross my fingers and pray that my mom stays healthy enough to keep driving/helping?
  10. Pebanj

    Single Moms? Before/after school care?

    There is no before/after care at my 14yo's school. Before care starts at 7 and ends at 6 at my 10yo's school. Right now whoever is taking the kids will leave at 7:15, drop off the youngest by 7:45 and drop off the oldest by 8:30. School starts for both at 8:30. In the afternoon, the oldest is picked up at 3:20, and then the youngest is picked up afterward - he gets out at 3:15, but goes to after care until he can be picked up. There are some after school clubs, but they just complicate/confuse my mom so we keep them to a minimum. Both kids take music lessons one day a week after school. That's it. On my 14yo's music day, my youngest is picked up first.
  11. Pebanj

    Single Moms? Before/after school care?

    Thank you for your reply :) The school my older child goes to is a school for kids with learning differences, my youngest does not qualify and goes to a school for highly gifted kids (he's been radically accelerated, the public school doesn't know what to do with him) and I'd really hate to take him out of the only place he's ever found kids who really get him. I work rotating days/nights, 12 hour shifts, full-time. I think it boils down to me needing to pay someone to transport, but my oldest also needs someone to work with him on homework since he gets so lost and gets nothing done on his own - he's rigid in his thinking and refuses to work on it during the commute (so frustrating!). I don't know if a typical "nanny" would transport or be able to help with the advanced coursework my 14 year old brings home, or the occasional advanced coursework my 10 year old brings home (he gets almost all of his work done either at school or during the commute, and rarely needs help). I think I'm going to need to start looking for someone, even if it's just one day a week to get my family used to someone new, while giving my mom a bit of a break. Then, if my mom is sick or something happens it will be an easier transition. I just don't know how to find someone to meet our needs or realistically what I can expect to pay.
  12. Any single moms out there? What do you do for before/after school care? Around here before school care starts at 7am, and ends at 6pm. Everything is fine for the time being, but my mother is aging (currently 70), and she's the only help I have. Right now I do not have a Plan B and that scares me so much. If something happened to my mom I don't know what I would do. My kids each go to a different charter school that meets their unique educational needs, they need to be driven to/from (no busing). My youngest is driven 20 minutes in one direction, and then my oldest is driven 40 minutes in the opposite direction. Are there nannies who transport and provide before/after care? What do they cost (I know this will vary highly depending on location and needs). Are there other options? My 14 year old has Asperger's, so even when old enough to drive, it might not be the best solution/safest solution, and my other child is 10. Thanks for ideas and input!
  13. Can you get a "travel" assignment in your hometown and live in your home while collecting the housing allowance etc?
  14. I applied for one job, did a phone interview, in person interview and was offered the position before passing the NCLEX. I've been there about 3 months now and it's amazing.
  15. I'd eventually like to work in a field with a lot of potential bodily fluid exposure, and I did read that after another series with the Hep B vaccine there is a 30-50% chance of converting... however, if that doesn't happen should I reconsider my dream career and look for something with less fluid exposure?
  16. Pebanj

    ncsbn RN Review

    Yes, I really enjoyed it. I passed in 75 questions.