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  1. imkellyny

    Need career advice!

    Hi! I need nurses' advice! I'm an international nurse, currently working on immigration process. I have 13 months experience in first hospital and i quit the job to work on NCLEX and ielts. After 5 months, i started my career in 2nd hospital. Since it was smaller hospital than the first one, I wanted to moved to bigger hospital to see more various cases. So, after 8 months, I moved to 3rd hospital where I'm currently working. It's been only 2 months and I'm planning to work until the day of departure to the states. But the problem is that I expect that all the procedure is going to be ended in next 7 months, which leaves me 9 months experience. Simply, i have 13 months-8months-9months experience.(It's all med/surg experience) What do you think about this? I'm afraid i might not be able to find a job because i have 2 less than a year experiences. Do you think employers can understand my situation that why i couldn't fulfill a year experience? Thanks in advance!
  2. imkellyny

    nursing theory

    any nursing theory related to women's health?