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New unit and I'm afraid of it

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Hi nurses!

I'm a registered nurse from foreign country and I have 2 years experience back in my country. I just started my new nursing career in the hospital here. The problem is my new unit has tele patients. My unit is Med/Surg but they have some tele patients too.

Several months ago, I saw my dad went to ED and ICU because of the heart problem. He complained his symptoms much before than it happened but I ignored. I couldn't stop thinking I made him almost killed for a while. When I got an offer from this unit, I thought it would be a great chance for me to learn. But, when I went to the floor I had a hard time. Everytime I hear the alarm is ringing from the monitor and see the patients with leads, my heart is pounding and I'm distracted because it reminds me what happened to my dad. Like, 'what should I do if I don't notice their symptoms?' and 'am I doing right?' Honestly, I'm still on orientation so I haven't started working by myself yet but I already feel overwhelmed. I'm not feeling comfortable by seeing those patients with the monitor. Maybe I'm not ready enough to take care of those patients? I'm quite worried I might not be able to show my full capacity because I'm too anxious and worrying. Do you think time will help me?


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I think talking to a professional about your feelings will. You are suffering a post traumatic stress syndrome and that is not cured by time alone.