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  1. Move to Seattle?

    Hi All, Was looking to get some insight from other nurses. I'm going to be ending a travel assignment in Southern California in the Fall. I'm considering either A) taking another travel assignment in Seattle B) move there for about a year C) stay p...
  2. BRN Direct Contact?

    Was wondering if anyone has a direct contact to someone at the BRN? I'm looking to talk to an actual person regarding my verification of license from California to another state. Or does anyone know the best way to get a hold of someone at the BRN?
  3. Sharp Memorial Hospital

    Sharp Memorial has a South, North and West tower. The West tower runs parallel to the freeway 163. The North tower runs perpendicular to the freeway. The South tower is the old hospital and is kind of tucked behind the North tower. Hope that helps.
  4. Sanford Relocation Help!

    @DeebeeRN98 Cool! Would love to hear what you think about the area.
  5. Sanford Relocation Help!

    Interview process wasn't difficult. They do phone or Skype interviews depending on the unit. Endorsing hasn't been difficult either, just time consuming, and money consuming. All the steps are on the ND BON website, and you can always call them and a...
  6. Sanford Relocation Help!

    Hi all, I'm a new grad from Southern California that is preparing to relocate to Fargo for a RN job at Sanford. Just wondering what your guys' opinion is on some things: -Should I drive my car up to Fargo? -If so, does ND require me to change license...