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  1. berlindaxoxo

    Lawrence Memorial/ Regis College

    Hello everyone! I just found out that I got accepted to LMRC for January 2016. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to email me with some of the stuff from NU 101(class schedule, powerpoints, notes) please? I would love to get started on studying a little bit so I can be prepared. I was also wondering if anyone here has been waitlisted before and how that works?
  2. berlindaxoxo

    Bunker Hill ADN Spring 2019

    My GPA is 3.8 and my teas exam was 68%. I emailed the director of the program she should we should know later than the first week of November. That would be amazing if we find out tomorrow! Definitely keep us updated if anything changes at all!
  3. berlindaxoxo

    Bunker Hill ADN Spring 2019

    What is everyone's gpa and teas score?
  4. berlindaxoxo

    Bunker Hill ADN Spring 2019

    I really hope that we find out sooner than mid-November because at the information session, they said that orientation for the nursing program is in November. The other threads that I have read from last year, people found out around the last week of October. I'm hoping it's the same for us.
  5. berlindaxoxo

    Bunker Hill ADN Spring 2019

    I applied to Bunker Hill ASN Program Spring 2019. Hopefully we will hear back by the end of the month. Please update if you hear anything at all!