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  1. erinhoga

    Mount Sinai Nurse Externship

    hi everyone! So, I applied and was selected to interview for one of the summer student nurse extern positions at Mount Sinai Medical Center this summer on April 2. They said that they would let us know of their decision (regardless of whether we are accepted or not) the third week of April. So far, I haven't heard anything. I did email the nurse recruiters last Monday, and they stated that decisions hadn't been made yet. That was 9 days ago and it is now April 29th. Has as anyone interned with them in the past ? Do you guys think it would be inappropriate for me to email them again? Any my comments would be really appreciated ! I'm trying to plan my summer and I really really want this internship!
  2. erinhoga

    RN Salary by State

    Thanks so much! Yes, I know it can vary a lot. I work with an RN with 20+ years of experience who took a 40% pay cut to move to the other side of the state, where housing is significantly cheaper. She very much regrets her decision because she had no idea that her salary would be that much less over here. I know that it is important for us to do our research, but I didn't think about looking into websites like realtor.com to see about housing costs. Thanks again!
  3. erinhoga

    RN Salary by State

    I am a current nursing student and am open to moving out of my current state (New York) upon graduating. I've been researching nursing salaries in different states, but have found so many conflicting results for each state on various websites (for example, I have seen that nurses in MA make anywhere between 65k-95k in the Greater Boston area. This is quite a wide range!). Can anyone recommend a reputable, up to date source that lists RN (I will have my BSN) salaries by state / geographical location? Thank You! - Erin
  4. Hi Guys! This is my first post- hello! I am currently finishing up my junior year for my BSN. I am trying super hard to get a summer intern/externship this summer and have applied to three places: Mount Sinai NYU Roswell Park I am really hoping for Mount Sinai / NYU, as I would really like to move back to NYC after I get my license (I know, SUPER competitive) and I know that these are very reputable, Magnet certified hospitals. My question... anyone have any experience with these programs? I assume that they are also super competitive. Has anyone interned through these programs? If so, what did you think? I had applied to non-RN jobs at NYU / Mount Sinai in the past, some that I was completely qualified for, but never heard back. I'm hoping that the summer externship program is a bit different. I do already have my Bachelor's in Psychology and currently have a 3.9 nursing GPA. Also have experience in inpatient psych and nursing research, so hopefully that helps?? Any and all advice / feedback is appreciated!!!