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NYU / Mount Sinai Nurse Externships

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Hi Guys!

This is my first post- hello! I am currently finishing up my junior year for my BSN. I am trying super hard to get a summer intern/externship this summer and have applied to three places:

Mount Sinai


Roswell Park

I am really hoping for Mount Sinai / NYU, as I would really like to move back to NYC after I get my license (I know, SUPER competitive) and I know that these are very reputable, Magnet certified hospitals.

My question... anyone have any experience with these programs? I assume that they are also super competitive. Has anyone interned through these programs? If so, what did you think? I had applied to non-RN jobs at NYU / Mount Sinai in the past, some that I was completely qualified for, but never heard back. I'm hoping that the summer externship program is a bit different.

I do already have my Bachelor's in Psychology and currently have a 3.9 nursing GPA. Also have experience in inpatient psych and nursing research, so hopefully that helps??

Any and all advice / feedback is appreciated!!!

dianah, ADN

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Welcome to allnurses.com!

I don't know anything about the programs you are looking at, but I'm sure someone will be able to offer advice.

Good luck to you!