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  1. mecha-sorah

    how much RN experience prior to PhD

    Thanks for the response. I found out that I wanted to do research when I was in undergrad. My mind works with systems and populations instead of helping people one by one and discovered my passion for public health. After working at a hospital for a year, I learned that I don't really see myself as a hospital nurse long term. I aspire to work with underserved populations in the community- maybe along the lines of primary care, homeless shelters? My research interest is on how people with mental health disorders can better manage their cardiovascular health- focusing on health equity, social determinants of health. My original plan was to go straight from BSN to a PhD after a few years of clinical experience but was later told that I should become either an FNP or AGPCNP so that I can have a better understanding of the issues in the primary care setting but never really considered the NP route. (I never really shadowed an NP but while working in the hospital- I learned that Im not a super hands on patient care person) There are benefits to working as an NP as I would have a better understanding of the problems patients and providers face in the primary care setting. I started volunteering as an intake nurse in a non-profit community clinic serving uninsured individuals knowing that it is a good idea to get experience in a field that I want to research on. However, its not so much like in the trenches as some of the volunteer NPs experience in the clinic. I was also considering academia in an R1 university and going tenure track and heard that they prefer ppl with MSN and PhD vs someone with a BSN straight to PhD. Do you have any thoughts on whether it is best to pursue an NP first, work a few more years to gain competence or just going straight to a PhD after this year? I applied to MPH programs this year to further increase my knowledge and exposure my population of interest and am also considering going for a masters in advanced public health nursing. I spoke to a professor in nursing and she said that as PhD prepared RNs, we will be teaching theory courses based on our research interests- so I guess for me, that will be public health?
  2. mecha-sorah

    how much RN experience prior to PhD

    Hi Everyone, I am interested in pursing a PhD in Nursing focusing on cardiovascular disease/ public health/ prevention in the near future. Currently, I have around 1 year of nursing experience and by next year- I will have about two (meaning that if I apply that year for PhD entry the following year- I will be at three years). My experience currently is in general medicine but I have previous publications- including one first author as an undergrad. I want to know the general thought on how much experience of bedside nursing is recommended prior to pursing a PhD. I know that some people go straight from BSN to PhD and others decide to get extensive bedside experience first. There are both pros and cons of each of these approaches. I also know others who do one year of RN bedside experience and then work per-diem after that while in the PhD program. Is it also beneficial to do a MSN-PhD program or become an NP prior to going for PhD? My ultimate goal is to become a professor at an R1 research intensive university to do research. I have also spoken to some professors in nursing schools and they stated that one of the questions they ask the potential professor candidates is "What can you teach besides nursing research?". On the side note, I would also like to any experience in other higher acuity units such as step down and ICU. Thanks!