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  1. sb_peds_er_rn

    Children's of Alabama Hourly Wage?

    Not sure if I am putting this is the right area but I am currently working in Alabama in a pediatric ER but I have always wanted to work in a hospital dedicated to children. The pay I am receiving as a first year nurse is very low compared to other cities in the state which is why I am looking at applying to the ER at Children's once I hit my one year mark in a few months. My question is, does anyone know what the hourly wage is for an RN with a BSN and one year's experience? Also does anyone know if there are shift differentials and how the working environment is? I do not want to apply if the pay is no better if that makes sense. Thanks in advance!
  2. sb_peds_er_rn

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Nurse Residency 2016

    Have you applied yet?
  3. sb_peds_er_rn

    Duke 2016 Nurse Residency Program

    my interview is with the medical/step down unit!
  4. sb_peds_er_rn

    Duke 2016 Nurse Residency Program

    Hey everyone! So I realized there wasn't a group for the 2016 Nurse Residency at Duke so I thought I would make a group that we we could all talk about it. My interview is January 15 so I'm pretty nervous but I'm also excited! Feel free to post with any questions or advice!