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  1. sb_peds_er_rn

    Just got out of rehab...help!

    Hello all, I just got out of rehab after voluntarily admitting myself for alcohol abuse due to PTSD. I was fully functional at work prior to the admission. I have never had an issue with narcotics or wasting. No disciplinary actions taken against me and I can say that my employer had no idea there was a problem. I was released from rehab with zero restrictions. My question is, will my work require me to go into a state run program with random drug tests and the sort? I work in the PACU and if I have to go into a program I cannot handle narcotics for at least 6 months which is my entire job. I love my job and I am glad I got help to learn new coping mechanisms, I'm just concerned for being punished for something my job never even knew about in the first place until I decided to get myself help. Thanks in advance!
  2. sb_peds_er_rn

    Children's of Alabama Hourly Wage?

    Not sure if I am putting this is the right area but I am currently working in Alabama in a pediatric ER but I have always wanted to work in a hospital dedicated to children. The pay I am receiving as a first year nurse is very low compared to other cities in the state which is why I am looking at applying to the ER at Children's once I hit my one year mark in a few months. My question is, does anyone know what the hourly wage is for an RN with a BSN and one year's experience? Also does anyone know if there are shift differentials and how the working environment is? I do not want to apply if the pay is no better if that makes sense. Thanks in advance!