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  1. NurseRonda

    NC A&T ABSN 2019 Cohort

    How was the program??
  2. NurseRonda

    Stanly Community College Class Question

    @LauraRN14 Where did you do your clinicals? How many days a week was class and clinical?
  3. NurseRonda

    Passed NCLEX PN 1st try 85 questions

    Thank you. Uworld is nclex style practice questions with great rationales. You would have to purchase it in order to get the questions. It's very helpful. They have 30 free questions. Check it out at https://uworld.com/ I'm sorry to hear that. Do not give up. Uworld really helped for me.
  4. NurseRonda

    Passed NCLEX PN 1st try 85 questions

    If it has been that long, I would give them a call or send a email. Try looking up your name and see if you license is posted as well. Did you pass?
  5. NurseRonda

    What kind of jobs do y'all have as LPN/LVN?

    I just graduated LPN school and I got a job in the hospital with great pay. In NC we have hospitals that hire LPNs.
  6. NurseRonda

    Stanly Community College LPN-RN Summer 2020

    Not sure
  7. NurseRonda

    NCLEX-PN 2018

    Thank you.
  8. NurseRonda

    NCLEX-PN 2018

    I used it and I found out I passed!
  9. NurseRonda

    Can’t pass the NCLEX

    Uworld has helped my pass the NCLEX. I recommend it.
  10. NurseRonda

    Passed NCLEX PN 1st try 85 questions

    Thankfully I got mines free. My school provided most of it and with Uworld I used my classmate account. Win Win situation. Thanks...
  11. NurseRonda

    Passed NCLEX PN 1st try 85 questions

    Thank you
  12. NurseRonda

    Passed NCLEX PN 1st try 85 questions

    Hello everyone. I'm just here to share my story about the resources I used for the NCLEX. I graduated July 27, 2019. I received my ATT 4 days later on July 30. (I did my application payment and Pearson vue payment 4 weeks before school ended). I started studying the week after I graduated. I started using Lippincott. I really liked it. After that I used Kaplan. I hated the rationales. I did few Saunders questions. Lastly, I used Uworld. Uworld was a life savor. Once I got Uworld, I stopped using the other resources. Uworld really and truly prepared me for the NCLEX. The day I went to take my test I came in confident. My classmates described the NCLEX as being terribly hard. I didn't let that get to me. By the time I finished my test, my thought was "Is this it?" To me it was not what my classmates described. To me it was fairly easy. I owe it all to Uworld. I constantly did questions and reviewed the rationales (didn't care if I got them right or wrong. I wanted to understand the rationales and why a questions was right or wrong). I'm a visual learner and Uworld has pictures, charts, and the best rationales. Very similar to the NCLEX. I start the LPN-RN next Fall and when I finish, I will only use Uworld to study. I hope my experience helps someone.
  13. NurseRonda

    NCLEX-PN 2018

    For everyone that passed, what did you use to study?
  14. NurseRonda


    What has everyone used to be successful on the NCLEX PN the first time? I take the test in 3 weeks and I'm overwhelmed.
  15. Reaching out to former students and students that are applying. I'm applying to the Summer 2020 LPN-RN program. All I have to do now is take the Teas. Applicants, we can all come together here to keep in touch.
  16. NurseRonda

    Davidson County Community College LPN-RN Fall 2020

    @LostMyPen,RN How was it? Did you like the program overall? What was your Teas score? I currently attend the school so I will be ranked at the top of the list thankfully. Where did you do your clinical?