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  1. Im considering pursuing my psych NP but I know most psych NPs are med management focused and I would really want to incorporate a lot of therapy into my practice, I was wondering if this is a realistic goal?
  2. Im interested in pursuing my psych NP but would REALLY like to be able to incorporate a lot of therapy into my practice. I know psych NPs primarily dealnwith med management, is this getting to incorporate therapy as well a realistic goal?
  3. Hi! I've been working as a CM for about 4 years in primary care and insurance settings, always telephonic. My problem is I've never been good at interrupting or cutting someone off, I'm probably TOO good of a listener and tend to just let people vent...
  4. Hi! I'm interested in getting my MSN and becoming an RN instructor. My question is what is the average number of hours worked per week for these positions?. I'm ok with working 45 or even 50 hours a week sometimes but currently working what's fairly ...