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How to keep conversations focused and brief

by Kaelif2015 Kaelif2015 (New) New

Hi! I've been working as a CM for about 4 years in primary care and insurance settings, always telephonic. My problem is I've never been good at interrupting or cutting someone off, I'm probably TOO good of a listener and tend to just let people vent which, as you can imagine, leads to lengthy conversations and is extremely time consuming. Overall this has been an asset in that my patients really open up to me, trust me, give me information etc. However I feel like I cant keep it up, I dread making calls I know will take a long time because I just dont have the time or emotional bandwidth. I try to say something to confirm I heard them and am engaged in the conversation but then refocus on the topic at hand, but this doesnt seem to work often and people tend to keep on their rabbit holes. I dont want to lose the rapport I have with my patients but I also need a reliable way to keep conversations more focused and brief. does anyone have some good tips??