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  1. LEAVE it out please. it is irrelevant to nursing:banghead:
  2. wannabeanurseso

    GOD in NURSE is the Difference!

    I agree with you. It seems everyone is fine and dotty until someone mentions "God" then they feel great offense! Obviously these nonreligious, atheists SAW "GOD" in the thread BEFORE they clicked on it. It's nice that you come to this conclusion after thoufougly thinking of the possibles, the miracles etc. Glad you're bold to proclaim your faith sir/mam. GOD IN THE NURSE IS ALL THE DIFFERENCE, can't nobody stop you from saying this.
  3. wannabeanurseso

    Missionary Nursing for New ADN's

    GOOGLE.COM is your best friend! :) be specific in your search, "nurse missionary trips to south America" would be a good place to start
  4. wannabeanurseso

    Mission Nursing as an LPN

    Consider " Support Staff" Nurse aid or something along those lines... when applying or looking for application!!
  5. wannabeanurseso

    Mission Nursing as an LPN

    This might be helpful The Major International Health Organizations
  6. most master degree levels -nurses have autonomy nurse practitioner nurse midwives clinical nurse.... less ind: GENERAL RN, MED-SURG etc. (most with undergraduate degrees)