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Coralbell has 20 years experience and specializes in UR, QA, OB-GYN, MS, PEDS, LTC.

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  1. Non-FIT Nurses and FIT Nurses

    My weekly reward (after surviving a trip to Wal-Mart) is a giant sundae of vanilla ice cream, Hershey syrup and a big blob of Cool-Whip, which I eat while watching the British soaps I have recorded during the week. I also have an embarrassing addic...
  2. FLAME ON!

    Your new "BFF" AKA the Stalker (This did NOT happen on allnurses, was on another site) Starts out with a response to a thread......... Chapter 1-The Posts in the public forum Q-What kind of nursing job do you have and do you like it? A-Vague, general...
  3. At a loss...

    As well as ruining a person's reputation. 15 years ago, I had just begun working on a new unit when a pt's Paxil (a single unit dose tab labeled with pt's name) came up missing from their drawer in med room. No one ever accused me out right, but fro...
  4. Bizarre Medical Practices: An Era Gone By

    As a new Mom 25+ years ago, my "helpful" mother in law told me that my cat would suck all the air of my baby's lungs and suffocate him! She also said that a fan blowing on a baby would cause the infant to have a heart attack!
  5. Length of employment

    Current job 8 years UR Previous job 2 years QA Previous job 10 years Hospital
  6. Job offer

    You need to ask yourself where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is the jail job going to help you get there? Also, why haven't you started the jail job that was offered 2 months ago? Are they awaiting funding/approval? Is this a newly created positio...
  7. Job offer

    Agree with the above posters-do the LTC as per diem, or just resign. The hospital is where you will gain the career advancing experience. Good luck!
  8. What do YOU do with your old scrubs?

    Sold the nice ones on Ebay, chucked the others out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Twilight follows the brightest day, And every cat in the twilight's gray, Every possible cat."
  9. Online Nursing Jobs

    Insurance cos, disability carriers, gov't Work comp-that sort of thing. Usually require RN and minimum 5 years experience acute care. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  10. What's your dress code at work?

    I work from home full time doing UR/QA, wear whatever I want. "Twilight follows the brightest day, And every cat in the twilight's gray, Every possible cat."
  11. How many of you actually enjoy your job?!

    I like my job, but to get the type I job I wanted, I knew I had to put in a few years at jobs I didn't like to get the skills and experience necessary to attain that goal. "Twilight follows the brightest day, And every cat in the twilight's gray, Eve...