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rndavu has 2 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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  1. LVN vs. ADN

    I was an LVN first then ADN RN now. I would recommend that you go through the ADN program. I did it the way I did because I was in a small town in TX that only had an LVN program. A year later they started their ADN program, or I'd have done that fir...
  2. AZ RN Refresher course

    I did my refresher with Medstar Academy. Just finished in March. They set up my clinicals for me. They have contracts with several sites. I was placed in a skilled nursing facility. This particular facility has precepted quite a few Medstar students ...
  3. HEDIS nursing?

    I'm in a course now that teaches HEDIS, Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Health Coaching. It was put together by Maria Peppers, LPN and she is well know in the CCM world. She gets a lot of calls for her nurses (trained in her ...
  4. AZ RN Refresher course

    Starting my clinicals next week with Medstar. Because they only have to find spots for one person at a time, they don't have difficulty setting you up for a clinical. I asked about the sim clinicals, and was told Medstar doesn't do them. It's more fo...
  5. RN refresher course good strategy?

    I'm considering the same right now, (refresher course). I have been out of work for 3 years. I worked for 18 months after graduation, in L&D. No med/surg. I moved to another state and hadn't been able to find a job since. I am now back in the las...
  6. How to Survive the Job Search

    I'm in this position now. 3 years out of work and wondering if I'll ever work as a nurse again. I just started classes yesterday to obtain my BSN. I hope and pray that will open doors. I'm emotionally drained as well, and the fear is there about star...
  7. I think I failed Nclex in 75 questions

    I don't think its exaggeration. It's nervewracking and feels as the you're guessing at every question. I didn't feel sure I was answering with complete confidence. So to me I felt I didn't know my stuff, and failed. Most I've known felt the same way.
  8. I think I failed Nclex in 75 questions

    I too had 75 questions and the computer shut off. I was convinced that I failed! I was questioning myself and why it felt I knew none of the answers. Well, thankfully that was 5 years ago and it is all behind me. I had passed, and I am pretty sure yo...
  9. RN to MSN, skip the BSN?

    I am in exactly the same position you are marie871. I'm also trying to decide whether to go for BSN or MSN. I have found several programs for both. I just don't want skipping BSN to bite me in the butt. I haven't been able to find a job in 3 years. I...
  10. What now?

    This is true, but i wouldn't necessarily be looking for a typical staff nurse position after graduating. There are many other opportunities and areas of nursing.
  11. What now?

    There are several programs that are RN-MSN track with no BSN needed. It will take 2 years to get my BSN or 2 years to get my MSN. My thought is why would I not get the MSN for the same time and money? By the time I finish BSN, they'll be requiring MS...
  12. What now?

    I understand this, which is why I am planning to continue my education now. Thank you!
  13. What now?

    I'm at a loss which direction to go at this point. I graduated in 2010 as ADN, RN. I went directly into L&D, worked in that area for 1.5 years in small community hospital. I moved to Virginia and was unable to find work. At the time I was fine fi...
  14. Do you need bsn to get your msn

    There are several online programs that you can go directly for MSN without BSN. Some are bridges that your BA in another field is accepted, others you don't need a BA at all. I am looking into them myself right now. Here are the schools I know of. Un...