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  1. CC Freakazoid

    CAC Reader and iPad?

    Do you have an ipad set up for the CAC card?🤔
  2. CC Freakazoid

    CAC Reader and iPad?

    Hello Is anyone connecting to military site with an iPad and cac reader besides using the reader and app on militarycac.com?
  3. CC Freakazoid

    Too old?

    I just commissioned into the Army Reserves this past Feb right before my 41st. You can get in shape while you start the process. it will take about that long if not longer 😂 If Army, just make sure you find an AMEDD/healthcare recruiter.... in the beginning I had a recruiter from the enlisted side leading me in the wrong direction
  4. CC Freakazoid

    Study Material BOLC and DCC

    Hi all Just commissioned into the Army Reserves. Will probably. I know to attend both of these, can anyone recommend what I should start studying now? Any links to good study material or books for reference.... I have the Officers Guide. Thank you
  5. CC Freakazoid

    FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    They have to submit your CV first to see if you even get approved to apply. Your job description and experience has to meet the minimum requirements for the role. Example, I had been a nurse 5 years but I was going in as periop so my CV couldn't be submitted till I had my 1 year Perioperative experience. nothing happens till you get that approval. some recruiters gather all the stuff during that time, some wait to make sure time isn't wasted.
  6. CC Freakazoid

    FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    I was commissioned in Feb for the reserves...still haven’t drilled and pretty much not getting any help moving forward. That being said I can tell you 2 things: 1. The next step is MEPS. You won’t get any movement till that’s done. If you’re 40 or older, fast that morning for labs....no recruiter seems to know this. Also make sure you get an EKG before you leave ( 2 things needed for 40 and older) you will not move any further without these. 2. You do not get the special pay and loan repayment at the same time. Each has their own time commitment. Special pay or the bonus is paid out after orders are issued ( this took a while for me...may be due to COVID) but I didn’t get orders till March-ish.....and my bonus just paid out maybe last week. You will then get the bonus every year on or around your anniversary. Loan repayment is paid out AFTER each year of service. This is not the same as the bonus. Think of the bonus as paying you to work a year while the loan repayment is paying you because you put in a year. You are supposed to pick how many years you are willing to sign up for both. I did 4 for special pay and 3 for loan repayment I think. You also choose which you want first, I chose special pay. For me, I will receive my bonus yearly on my anniversary for 4 years. THEN at the end of the 4th year I should receive my first loan repayment (because I put in a year of work) and then at the end of every year of service after that till my commitment is met.
  7. CC Freakazoid

    3 Circulator Rn Job Offers

    Did you decide? I would say go where you felt comfortable with the team
  8. CC Freakazoid

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    Call your BON and explain the situation and get their feedback. Take that to your nurse manager. While a charge nurse is in the chain of command, they are the chain of command during that shift (at least where I work) and do not make administrative changes/declarations. Also, every job I have applied to has asked me if I would be willing to work OT if needed and I aid yes, if I do not, that could be considered falsification of information on a an app and subject to termination....did you make such an agreement? Once all is said and done and worked out, I would then let said charge nurse know that if she ever threatened me or my job again without sufficient grounds, I would report her to the BON before she could even apologize. I would declare this with a personal witness and the nurse manager for the unit as well as the DON/CNO present. That way all would know that I am not one for bullying.
  9. CC Freakazoid

    CRNA Schools No Experience Required

    That actually warms my heart. Seems like they all had the same organic chem/physics requirements when I first began my college journey....ofcourse that was quite a few moons ago. Organic chem I was ok with....physics was another story Thank you again :-)
  10. CC Freakazoid

    CRNA Schools No Experience Required

    I will say its nice to see the differences laid out that way....makes it easier to decide which route to go ...thank you Minus a few things, it does seem like more of a difference in flexibility and autonomy over anything else. Im still toying with the idea of CRNA but honestly my real true issue is completing more pre-reqs. Seriously not liking the idea of taking physics :-( Nor am I liking the idea of another FT masters program. Eh I have a 3 year work commitment to figure it all out lol
  11. CC Freakazoid

    CRNA Schools No Experience Required

    I get what youre saying about access, but Im not sure thats what the person was asking about. What is the actual job/role/duty difference between a CRNA and AA? Besides/beyond/aside from independent practice....what can a CRNA do that an AA cant? I have wondered this for quite some time but never really know. Its like the age old battle between PA and NP or RNFA vs SFA....a lot of the time the difference is autonomy, but no real difference between actual duties/roles....

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