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CC Freakazoid has 7 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Acute Dialysis; CVOR.

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  1. OH USAR Virtual Drills

    Hi all, my unit is doing F2F drill in Feb but since Im more than 400 miles away, I am not allowed to come in to F2F drill. Does anyone have a unit in OH that is doing virtual drilling in Feb so I can reach about RST? Ill be on a COVID assignment so I...
  2. Career concerns

    No not all. And they won’t have you stay medsurg for long either from what I hear. Part of promoting within the army is changing you area of concentration, think of medsurg as entry level. To answer your question, I am a Periop Nurse in the Army...
  3. Fort Sam Houston BAMC

    Hello I was wondering if anyone here has connections with BAMC ICU nurse manager. Preferably a CVICU but I also have MSICU experience. Please PM, thank you.
  4. CAC Reader and iPad?

    Still looking for someone that has successfully been able to use their CAC card with an iPad that DID NOT purchase the expensive app/reader advertised on
  5. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    I was in the same boat, drilling virtually before DCC.....can’t say any of it helped. DCC is like basic education of the Army. Courtesies, drilling and ceremony, Army history, UCMJ, land navigation etc. It's a condensed version of the basic educatio...
  6. Have you recently completed DCC

    Hello Im looking for some insight from those who recently completed DCC. Could you mssg me please? Thank you
  7. Army nurse process

    In order to direct commission into L&D, you will need to come in with work experience. If you are trying to go in right out of school, you can reach out to an AMEDD recruiter and ask about the Clinical Nurse Transition Program. This is for nurses...
  8. CAC Reader and iPad?

    Do you have an ipad set up for the CAC card?🤔
  9. CAC Reader and iPad?

    Hello Is anyone connecting to military site with an iPad and cac reader besides using the reader and app on
  10. Too old?

    I just commissioned into the Army Reserves this past Feb right before my 41st. You can get in shape while you start the process. it will take about that long if not longer 😂 If Army, just make sure you find an AMEDD/healthcare recruiter.... in t...
  11. Study Material BOLC and DCC

    Hi all Just commissioned into the Army Reserves. Will probably. I know to attend both of these, can anyone recommend what I should start studying now? Any links to good study material or books for reference.... I have the Officers Guide. ...
  12. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    They have to submit your CV first to see if you even get approved to apply. Your job description and experience has to meet the minimum requirements for the role. Example, I had been a nurse 5 years but I was going in as periop so my CV couldn't be s...
  13. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    I was commissioned in Feb for the reserves...still haven’t drilled and pretty much not getting any help moving forward. That being said I can tell you 2 things: 1. The next step is MEPS. You won’t get any movement till that’s done. If you’re 40 ...
  14. 3 Circulator Rn Job Offers

    Did you decide? I would say go where you felt comfortable with the team
  15. Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    Call your BON and explain the situation and get their feedback. Take that to your nurse manager. While a charge nurse is in the chain of command, they are the chain of command during that shift (at least where I work) and do not make administrative c...