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New Grad RN, ADN, almost BSN

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  1. Onenote for my notes, lots of different color pens and markers for study material.
  2. Mrs.Bookworm

    Banner New Grad Experience

    $26.76 is starting pay for a new grad on days at Abrazo.
  3. Mrs.Bookworm

    Any advice on how to study for NURSING SCHOOL???

    I did well making a form of a concept map for all my disease processes. Example of mine would be name at the top with a short explanation of what it is. Next would be assessment findings, the how it would be diagnosed (what test or procedures would be done), then interventions. I would hand write them with lots of color because I'm a visual learner. This would help me to be able to see them in my mind when I need to recall things.
  4. Mrs.Bookworm

    NCLEX RN and Uworld; exam in a week.

    I didn't finish the question bank. Like the other person posted, it really help me understand how to answer questions. The rationals were amazing and I was able to learn so much from them. Thinks that I keep getting wrong I would write down notes and review them. The nclex look identical to the screen set up of uworld, down to the color. But uworld questions are way more detailed and harder then the nclex was. In my opinion.
  5. Mrs.Bookworm

    CEP rejection Maricopa

    Is referring to maricopa community colleges? If so you may get more replies on the ARizona board. Good luck on your journey!
  6. Mrs.Bookworm

    NCLEX RN and Uworld; exam in a week.

    Positive thoughts coming your way! Good luck!! I used Uworld only for the nclex RN. Passed my test in February. You got this! You CAN & You WILL!
  7. Probably not. You will get a date probably towards the middle of fall semester. It will probably be held in December.
  8. Are you going to start this fall or spring with GCC?
  9. Mrs.Bookworm

    Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Applicants

    Ya I guess you can look at it that way but stats is not an easy class.
  10. Mrs.Bookworm

    Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Applicants

    If you take Stat with the CC you may just have to take an elective with your university later. I had the choice to take stat with ASU or with Rio. I took it with Rio online to get it done and not pay to take it at ASU but now I am taking an upper level elective. You will do another background check and the Cc will tell you more about it right before your orientation or at orientation.
  11. Mrs.Bookworm

    Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Applicants

    The school will send you an email with this information. Usually not until a few weeks before the semester starts.
  12. Mrs.Bookworm

    ASU Transfer Hopeful

    It's very competitive I've hear/read from this site. You would have a better chance if you started taking classes at ASU now. They take their students over transfer students.
  13. Mrs.Bookworm

    Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Applicants

    I suggest googling maricopa nursing or try this link MaricopaNursing Programs | Academic & Student Affairs | Maricopa Community Colleges For more information
  14. Mrs.Bookworm

    Spring 2018 CEP

    People usually wait till their blocks starts to make a Facebook page for the class.
  15. Mrs.Bookworm

    Spring 2018 CEP

    EMCC only has traditional