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Med-surg RN

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  1. Mrs.Bookworm

    Med Surg II help?

    I'm sure your med surg II is different than mine but I would suggest using the Saunders comprehensive review book to study with and the med surg success book made by Davis.
  2. Mrs.Bookworm

    New nursing student going into MedSurg. Any advice?

    http://www.fadavis.com/product/nursing-fundamentals-med-surg-success-course-review-test-taking-colgrove-hargrove-huttel-3 Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 7th Edition - 978
  3. Mrs.Bookworm

    New nursing student going into MedSurg. Any advice?

    Med surg success book for practice questions and Saunders comprehension review book is really good tool to use when studying for med surg.
  4. Mrs.Bookworm


    Yes it is that one.
  5. I just wanted to step in and give some suggestions for tool or resources that can be helpful to study. I highly suggest any of the Success books (try googling Fundamentals of Success or Med Surg success). The app NCLEX-RN Mastery app is definitely worth the money. As well as the Saunders book. Good luck to all that are getting ready to start or still in the grind with me :)
  6. Mrs.Bookworm


    I highly suggest the NCLEX mastery app worth the money for sure. Any of the Success books (fundamental and med surg). I started to us the Saunders book at the end of my second semester and wish I had it from the beginning for sure.
  7. Mrs.Bookworm

    Phoenix College/NAU Cep Fall 2016

    this is an issue you will run into with all schools. You must have the drive to study and try different ways of studying if what your doing isn't working for you. my two cents is go with PC so you don't have to wait another semester because there is no way of knowing you will get a different school next time. If you don't like it after block 1 you can try and transfer to a different campus. I have heard that it may be hard to do but is an option. Good luck!
  8. Mrs.Bookworm

    How to differentiate nursing dx and medical dx?

    I find this book really helpful when doing my care plans.
  9. Mrs.Bookworm

    How hard is the CEP?

    It's not a matter of it being hard. To me it's time consuming.
  10. Mrs.Bookworm

    Gateway CC Evenings Fall 2016

    Yes dasdamo4
  11. Mrs.Bookworm

    Gateway CC Evenings Fall 2016

    They are two different things.
  12. Mrs.Bookworm

    2016 CEP Information Sessions

    For spring start you'll find out around June most likely
  13. Mrs.Bookworm

    2016 CEP Information Sessions

    You would,start the university in the fall
  14. Mrs.Bookworm

    MCCD/CEP Acceptance for Fall 2016

    Not general I saw something on FB that general will be tomorrow
  15. Mrs.Bookworm

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    They have placed them yes but not placed them in the system.
  16. Mrs.Bookworm

    Associate in General Studies towards BSN?

    I receive Pell grants too.