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cwest2 BSN

Float Pool/BMT/Oncology
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cwest2 is a BSN and specializes in Float Pool/BMT/Oncology.

Previous experience as hem onc nurse, joined float pool in January ‘19

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  1. I’ve just realized that when I become super overwhelmed (usually only when it’s near end of shift) that I don’t handle my stress very well and tend to get angry/pissy/pouty, whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does and I end up venting to a trusted coworker or friend I usually feel very embarrassed and anxious after. I think need to learn to think before I speak (ehm, rant). How does everyone still remain professional when they’re having a really rough night and one last thing happens to just send them over the edge? How do you handle stress and feeling “behind”? I have bad anxiety and tend to get quite nervous before report...if I can’t prepare things just so I get upset and worried inside. I hate not being able to answer all of the next shifts questions or leaving things for them. Sometimes they seem quite upset about it. Would love some advice on how to keep my cool in these moments and most of all, STAY PROFESSIONAL regardless of how patients/other nurses talk to me. Thank you every one