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New Grad...jobs in the DENVER area..is it as difficult/horrific as I hear?

by cwest2 cwest2, BSN (New) New

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Hi there! I'm a student awaiting graduation in May with a BSN. I have a few important questions about beginning my job hunt.

I am pretty hellbent on moving to the Denver area. Colorado has been a dream of mine for quite some time, and I'm very passionate about outdoor sports/the mountains.

I have heard mixed things about the job market in Denver--from some, I've heard it's awful, very challenging, and almost impossible to find an RN job as a new grad. Others say "oh, you'll have no problem finding a job!" So which is it?!

I'm saving up money now, and my lease is up in July. I'm planning on taking the NCLEX as soon as possible post-graduation and applying to EVERYTHING available. But I'm also pretty set on jumping ship and heading out there regardless of if I have a job lined up or not. (I have some cheap places to live with friends and would be more than happy to work as a server or aide while I job hunt). Is this reckless?? Can I move while looking for a job in a place that is apparently pretty tough for new grads to get hired in? Wouldn't it be smart to reside in the city I'd like to be in to be readily available for any interviews that I might land?

I guess this concerns me because I am afraid of being unrealistic, wasting time, and "losing my skills". Then it becoming a vicious cycle of me being overlooked for even more positions because I have not yet been employed after 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, however long it takes.

On the other hand, nursing school has been extremely trying and stressful (as you are all very aware). I really miss the mountains, and I really miss backpacking. I am very ready to move on and begin the next chapter of my life. In all honesty/in summary, I would really love for someone to say that the plan I have would be totally acceptable and realistic to be put into action. Haha. I just don't know anything about the job market or the times frames of becoming licensed and employed. This has been a significant stressor for me lately and I could definitely use some advice. Thank you all so much!!

I graduate soon too. I feel like the market is slowly improving (compared to 2012-'14) but getting an acute care hospital job, if you want it, will be tough. There are so many nursing programs that it's been difficult to find clinical placements for everyone. And it seems like most of my classmates wanting those jobs are already employed somewhere already like at UCH or Denver Health. You could probably find a job at a rehab or SNF though, or other non-traditional setting. You also might have a bit more luck if you are willing to live a bit more south closer to the Springs (less new grads down there). I wish you the best of luck, the mountains are amazing :-)