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    Walden University-Class Overload?

    Hi thanks so much for the feed back, I am strongly considering apply, how many hours per week would you suggest for reading?
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    Walden University-Class Overload?

    Hi, sorry this does not answer your questions above. I am also interested in the FNP program at Walden, looking for insights. How were the prior classes? How do you like the program so far? How many exams, papers etc. did you have? How long are the papers? Thank you
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    Preceptor FNP Student

    first you need find out from your advisor what setting are acceptable vs not, then you need to look for primary care practices, urgent care, etc some schools will allow for one semester shadowing an NP/MD in a hospital whereas some school hospital is a no-no.
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    BSN-MSN Leadership & Management in July

    not sure, will keep in touch
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    BSN-MSN Leadership & Management in July

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    FDU FNP program

    Hi everyone, Is anyone here enrolled in or know anyone who attended FDU for NP programs. If yes, what are the class schedule, lectures, exams and clinicals like? Please I truly appreciate any information I can get, thanks
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    BSN-MSN Leadership & Management in July

    congrats, am starting 7/1 also but in Education
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    Looking for a Online MSN in Nursing Education

    My PM not working but would like to talk with you. I hope I can get my email to work soon