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  1. OK, so my body hurts

    I had considered hospice....does anyone know what the wear and tear on the body is in hospice?
  2. Forsyth Tech acceptance letter wait

    Yes! Second guessing everything. Nervous that I will be too busy to "have a life". Nervous I won't be able to find a job....
  3. OK, so my body hurts

    Would Urgent Care be a tad less strenuous? I had considered it actually, but wasn't sure what the job would entail.
  4. OK, so my body hurts

    I am in my lower 40s. I've worked using my body most of my life. I became a CNA a couple of years ago, and haven't been able to do that full time due to back pain. I was hoping that by becoming an LPN, I would be able to use my body less, but I'm b...
  5. I hate being a CNA

    I didn't read through all of the comments, so this may have already been suggested....but have you tried Assisted Living? You're working with people that are in better shape overall. will lose patients, but rarely are you working with be...
  6. Forsyth Tech Lpn-rn program

    I believe it's 3 semesters! Congratulations! I'd love to hear the process...I was just accepted into the LPN program and would like to know what the requirements are for the LPN-RN program as far as work goes. I know they expect you to have worked...
  7. Forsyth Tech acceptance letter wait

    On the back page, there is a list for "Are there any abnormalities?". Under that list is genitourinary. That is a pelvic exam. =( I have mine scheduled today, but had just had one a little over a year ago. New rules are...if you get an all clear ...
  8. Forsyth Tech acceptance letter wait

    It goes by your grades in each class and the credits for those classes. The MAR packet explains it in detail, but basically an A =4 B=3 C=2...etc. You multiply that by the credit hours. So if you have a class with 3 credit hours, and receive an A ...
  9. Forsyth Tech acceptance letter wait

    Anyone else blown away by the medical paperwork? That's a lot of information they're requiring, and I'm not sure why. I can see the immunization records, even though I supplied those to be in the CNAI & II programs, but why do they need me to h...
  10. CNA claiming to be a nurse

    Did everything go well?
  11. Telling the truth on a peer evaluation for a group project?

    This is for comic relief. I saw a meme the other day that said, "When I die, I want anyone I did a group project with to lower me into the ground. That way they can let me down one more time" :).
  12. Forsyth Tech acceptance letter wait

    I received my acceptance letter yesterday!!!!
  13. Forsyth Tech ADN Fall 2015

    If letters aren't coming until April 15th, but registration is April 13th and 14th, how do we register? On the other thread, someone said they just stick you in a class? I hope not, I have a job and need to be able to choose which classes I take. ...
  14. Forsyth Tech acceptance letter wait

    They register for you? How do you know when your classes are as far as days and times? They have several different options, do they just stick you in one???
  15. Forsyth Tech acceptance letter wait

    Well, looking at the registration dates, I hope it comes before April 15th too. Registration is April 13th and 14th.