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  1. NEVER Specialized??

    How many of ya'll never "stuck" to a specialty? I feel like I have a problem because anything im exposed to i like! Been a nurse for 4 years, split between tele and postpartum (what a difference, I know). I've work a little surgical, floated aroun...
  2. Hello Everyone :) Ive been an RN for 2.5 years. When I graduated nursing school I had zero clue as to what I wanted to go into. I LOVED my peds, patho, and situations where I had to work fast and think of my feet. I started out on a telemetry floor....
  3. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has made the switch from an adult cardiac tele unit to a postpartum unit. After a little over a year I decided to try postpartum cause I feel myself drawn more to obgyn/pediatric patients than to the adult popula...
  4. Stepping stone job

    hi all, I am an RN in a tele floor, been a nurse allllmost a year :) I was wondering, how many years in did you feel like you "found" your speciality in nursing? thanks!
  5. Work Apathy????

    Hey everyone, I've been on a new floor...pt less acute but I feel highly judged and looked down. Been called out in front of a group of people, laughed at for being upset when I couldnt get help (while people sat around doing nothing), then just gen...
  6. July BOLC 2015

    There is a form you fill out to request same duty station as your spouse. Shouldnt be too hard putting two ANC officers together. Catch is you HAVE to be married.
  7. I'm in a bit of a funky situation. 1) NEW BSN, RN 2) Here in Oahu w/ hubbs (military) 3) I am also military (nurse obviously) 4) I got 5 months to kill while I wait to start working at Tripler I KNOW, I KNOW...NO JOBS FOR NEW RNS ACUTE CARE. My que...
  8. what is the 1st step to obtain license in hawaii

    did it really take them 20 days?! I just passed it here in hawaii and need my license number ASAP!! lol Was the license # up on the website before they physically mailed it to you?
  9. Odd cystic fibrosis question

    its B. I just bumped into a question like that as well. I think the reasoning behind it is that they need more of it because their bodies arent absorbing what they need....
  10. HAWAII-RN NCLEX *help*

    thanks a lot! :)
  11. HAWAII-RN NCLEX *help*

    yes, i have done all of that. So I guess now I just wait then for pearson to send my ATT. Do you know how hard it is to schedule in Oahu? I know of only one testing center here. Thank you!
  12. HOw long does it take to get ATT# for NCLEX?

    They got my completed application jan 16th here in hawaii. They told me it would take 3-4 weeks to process any luck with you?
  13. HAWAII-RN NCLEX *help*

    I was told my application was recieved on Jan 16th and that it would be 15-20 business days to be processed. My question: what happens after that??? do they communicate with pearson vue and then I get my ATT? Thanks for any help!