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  1. Dealing with losing a patient

    How do you deal with losing a patient as a nurse? I'm a student nurse and lost a patient recently and unexpectedly and keep having bad dreams about it. I feel that we did everything possible to help the patient but it's still difficult to handle. How...
  2. Traveling Nursing

    Yes taking temporary contracts as a nurse where needed. Can you work in a specialty department like labor and delivery and still be a traveling nurse?
  3. Traveling Nursing

    What kind of orientation can you do for those couple of years to prepare for being a traveling RN?
  4. Traveling Nursing

    I'm a student in my last semester of the RN-ADN program. I'm very interested in doing traveling nursing but I'm not quite sure how to go about applying to it. What are recommended programs to go through in Idaho or even online? I am also curious how ...