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  1. Hello Everyone! I am currently in an LPN-RN Program here in New Jersey. I'm expected to graduate with an ADN in May 2016. I plan on relocating to Southern California (Either L.A. or San Diego) afterwards and attend an RN to BSN program out there. Now...
  2. Anti-vax nurses? Are you serious?

    Yes, that' exactly why (DISCLAIMER: I am being very facetious. As a result, please do not take that facetious response seriously). This isn't an issue about someone's freedom, it's a HEALTH issue. Putting your un-vaccinated child in public places suc...
  3. Anti-vax nurses? Are you serious?

    My thing is, if you are not gonna vaccinate your kids, KEEP THEM OUT OF PUBLIC PLACES
  4. JFK Muhlenberg SON LPN to RN

    Hey! Basically, I had all the pre-reqs done. The only thing I was missing was Microbiology because I took it back in 07. My GPA was like a 3.1 combined. My TEAS was okay, I had a 65%(81 in reading, 76 in English, but I had a 63 in math and a 47 in s...
  5. JFK Muhlenberg SON LPN to RN

    Hello everyone! I just got accepted into the JFK Muhlenbeg School of Nursing's LPN to RN program. I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight of the school. I wanna know how the transition course was like, the class hours, and the ability to ...
  6. Best Care Training Institute LPN program

    Best Care Training institute is a wonderful school. You are prepared in so many ways to not just pass your exams, but to pass your boards. Nursing is a pretty tough field, and you have to have tough skin, and no other school prepares you for that typ...