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Sean Kennard BSN, RN

Behavioral Health | Nurse Educator

Nurse Architect helping to empower people & organizations through intellectual framework mastery!

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Sean Kennard has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Behavioral Health | Nurse Educator.

I provide the value of helping non-conventional nursing students develop a solid intellectual framework of conceptual core nursing through creative problem-solving, useful resource utilization, and enhancement of fundamental clinical knowledge. I'm known for my upbeat and "can-do" attitude, and have been told I bestow a natural ability to think unconventionally toward understanding common nursing principles to achieve desired successes. I professionally specialize in procedure development, documentation improvement, program management, staff supervision, and client outcome tracking. My nursing experience has been with both inpatient and outpatient behavioral health across the lifespan; with a primary focus on at-risk youth, young adults, physical rehabilitation, long-term care, case management, healthcare supervision, and management & administration for Medicare & Medicaid health plans and facilities.

Sean Kennard, BSN, RN


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  1. Sean Kennard

    What is Content Marketing for Nurse Entrepreneurs?

    You are most welcome! I appreciate your support!
  2. Sean Kennard

    What is Content Marketing for Nurse Entrepreneurs?

    Hi Elizabeth! You're most welcome! Thank you for your kind words as well. Yes, I'm learning more and more on a daily basis about how just helping people solve their problems on the public domain is, in itself, marketing. I'm learning that my business is to help nurses understand the structure in which the NCLEX is written and delivered. I haven't monetized my services as of yet at least, but it's becoming apparent that the framework I'm providing on multiple group forums is catching attention and people want to know more about it. The validation from this is humbling and truly motivating. I've since contacted my local SCORE office for assistance getting set up as a business as outreach for my consultation grows. I want you to know that I've printed your article and used it as a template for understanding and differentiating my sources of content. Your article spoke to my soul at the right time in my life and I can't thank you enough for sharing your view in such a digestible format. I look forward to your posts!
  3. Sean Kennard

    What is Content Marketing for Nurse Entrepreneurs?

    Thank you, Elizabeth! This is a wonderful breakdown of how to understand content marketing and apply it as a nurse entrepreneur. As I read through this article, I couldn't help but notice that I am already implementing many of these strategies. However, I would not have correlated them to 'promoting my business' until I saw how you explained that it is indeed just that. I will now explore additional means of providing value to my audience (relevant to their needs) and begin to further establish myself as an authoritative subject matter expert on my topic of passion. I really appreciate your content laying-of-the-framework to help nurses like myself and others optimize our promotion efforts. This article helps greatly! Thank you!

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