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  1. rrrana

    IV/blood withdrawal cert last summer

    Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it! I guess it's kind of like any skill at first. But for some reason I'm just more anxious because I'm apparently "certified" so I feel the pressure more than other skills. You offered some great suggestions, I will check Youtube and search on this page as well. Thanks for your help and sharing your experience.
  2. rrrana

    LPN skip RN then to medical school..ask away

    The way I perceived the OP's post was that they just didn't want to spend the time becoming an RN (the next step after lvn) when they knew they wanted to ultimately be a DO. You're right in that being an RN isn't a step to becoming a doctor but considering they are an lvn now I could understand the use of the word.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently got hired for a job in urgent care which will allow me to utilize my iv/blood withdrawal certification that I earned summer 2017. The only thing is, I haven't had any practice since! I was very honest with the hiring manager and told her I never got to utilize my certification during school and since I just graduated in December I haven't had the work experience either. She told me I would get to see the nurse during training but I still don't feel prepared. Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do to refresh your skills or bring them up to par?
  4. rrrana

    Nclex PN. Feeling defeated

    Hopefully you pass but if not try hurst review!
  5. rrrana

    Review Course and Book

    Our class did hurst and I think we all passed! I would highly recommend! Best of luck
  6. rrrana

    LPN skip RN then to medical school..ask away

    Hello, I'm a recent lvn grad working for about 2 months now. I often contemplate going back to school for RN, but wonder if medical school would be a better choice. Can you share why you went that route and how its going for you?
  7. rrrana

    Pregnant in last term of Lvn program

    Thanks for the support. I did have to bring it up to one professor already to avoid a repeat rotation in radiology... but she was very supportive and told me to take it easy. Hopefully when I'm finished with the program I can find something that will work. By the way, congratulations and wish you a safe and smooth delivery!
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first post and I'm in need of some advice! I just started my last term of the Lvn program which runs until dec 14th or so and......I just found out I'm pregnant. I should be due the beginning of April. Now, I think I could get through the last term ok but I'm worried about working once I graduate. What kind of jobs should I apply for? Will anyone even accept me? I don't mind taking part time positions but I just want to get into the workforce before I deliver so I can get some experience under my belt! Any advice is appreciated...thank you!
  9. "You think they will still make me pay for my parking spot?"

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