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Pregnant in last term of Lvn program

by rrrana rrrana (New) New

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I'm in need of some advice! I just started my last term of the Lvn program which runs until dec 14th or so and......I just found out I'm pregnant. I should be due the beginning of April. Now, I think I could get through the last term ok but I'm worried about working once I graduate. What kind of jobs should I apply for? Will anyone even accept me? I don't mind taking part time positions but I just want to get into the workforce before I deliver so I can get some experience under my belt! Any advice is appreciated...thank you!

Nobody needs to know you are pregnant until you want to tell them. I personally wouldn't tell ANYONE at least until you have reached the 16 week mark. And I wouldn't tell a new employer until you've finished the orientation. Don't feel like you are lying either, cause you are not. It's just that with pregnancies unexpected things happen.

I personally only tell people around 20 weeks when it's impossible to hide anymore.

- sincerely, the fat pregnant woman sitting in bed eating fruit loops.

Thanks for the support. I did have to bring it up to one professor already to avoid a repeat rotation in radiology... but she was very supportive and told me to take it easy. Hopefully when I'm finished with the program I can find something that will work. By the way, congratulations and wish you a safe and smooth delivery!