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  1. shellylove3

    Passed my Nclex in 145 questions

  2. Just wondering how long after passing NCLEX did your license# appear on the NCBON? It has been 5 business days since I sat for the exam and I paid for the quick results on the PEARSON VUE website which state I PASS. I have been logging in checking NCBON for my license number and it's still PENDING.
  3. shellylove3

    How are nclex ?s worded?

    Just recently took the exam and the questions are not worded like Saunders or Exam Cram. If you looking for something similar to how they word the questions on NCLEX I would suggest NCSBN and do the questions only. A lot of CRITICAL THINKING and APPLYING questions.
  4. shellylove3

    PASS NCLEX 189 questions & time ran out

    Thank you!!!!! Prep U 10K has a 2 week free trial.
  5. shellylove3

    PASS NCLEX 189 questions & time ran out

    I promise myself when I pass the NCLEX I will post. I took the exam January 14, 2015 and sat at the testing center for a full 6 hrs. I answered 189 questions and time ran out. I got in my car and cried so hard because the time ran out. I was told you have to have answer the last 60 questions correct to pass. My friend did the PVT trick and I got the good pop up I was still in disbelief. Today confirms that I am a RN!!!!!! The resources I used are 35 PAGE STUDY GUIDE going around in this forum, Prioritization, Delegation, and Assessment book chapter 1-21, listen to hurst videos to brush up on content, and PREP U. In PREP U I did 100 questions from each category the NCLEX is testing us on for 3 days to get familiar with the type of questions they are testing us on. Two weeks before I was testing I did PREP U 75 question exams every day and made sure I read the rationales right or wrong. PREP U in my opinion is the BEST resource. It has different levels and when you reach level 7-8 it's so much similar to NCLEX questions the content and critical thinking. I used KAPLAN twice and the decision tree did not help, I used hurst by itself not enough information to tackle the BEAST NCLEX EXAM, and I used REMAR REVIEW which did not help me. I took the NCLEX 4 TIMES. TODAY I CAN FINALLY SAY I AM A RN!!!! I LOVE PREP U!!!!!!!