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  1. MeiDei

    Anyone testing in June?

    Testing June 5th in Metairie, LA
  2. MeiDei

    UWorld Question

    I am registered to take my NCLEX-RN June 5th and I've been studying with UWorld. I'm looking at the percentages and I just want to clarify as I'm not sure I fully understand it. Beside "Your Score" it says 91st rank. What exactly does that mean? For reference, I've done 796 questions so far. Thanks!
  3. Today was my last clinical rotation for the semester (I'm a first semester senior) and I was scheduled to be in the PACU. Immediately upon receiving a patient, I was assisting with hooking up the lines. The patient was unconscious the entire time. As I took a step back to let the nurses do an assessment, something flew in my eye. It was not wet so we are sure it wasn't a body secretion. It felt more like the "sleep" that you rub away from your eyes in the morning...maybe a cracker crumb, I don't know. My eye was flushed while the nurses called the nurse manager and my instructor. It's just been on my mind since then. We didn't do any tests because it wasn't a fluid consistency. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. MeiDei

    HOW do people do well in Anatomy & P?

    If your class is 3 credits, you should be spending about 6-9 hours a week studying for that class.
  5. MeiDei

    HOW do people do well in Anatomy & P?

    The lab I had for A&P 1 and 2 didn't even give us multiple choice. Ours consisted of actual specimens and body parts laid out at different stations with pins in them labeled with numbers. There was always a piece of paper below the display that said, "What bone is pin #31?" Or "What process is associated with pin #11?" You're lucky you got a word bank. Our instructor would sit down, link his fingers, and just watch.
  6. MeiDei


    This is my first semester in my BSN program and I am SO stressed out. My story: It took about a week or two to find my groove and I was off. I was studying great and making excellent grades in all of my courses...except one: Pathophysiology. Our very first test, 3 people passed out of 24 students (I was one of the unlucky). That was at the beginning of September. I made the commitment then to study and work to UNDERSTAND the material and not just memorize it. Our next test was last week on Monday. The exam covered 6 chapters: Fluids and Electrolytes, Stress, Nutrition, Hematology, disorders of WBC, and disorders of RBC. I actually understood the workings of every disorder we were told to study, their disease process, manifestations, etc. I went into that exam feeling so confident I was going to pass. Cue 1hr 34min later, I failed with a 62 on a 50 question exam. I walked out feeling so defeated. To my surprise, there was an angry crowd of students outside. After inquiring what happened, I found out the entire class failed. Every single one of us. I have had multiple meetings with my instructor on how to improve, how to study, how to retrain my thought process, etc. and nothing could have prepared me for that exam. There were questions on material that we hadn't even covered yet! I have been so stressed out since my first exam and it has caused my hair to LITERALLY be falling out by the handful and I can't stop it. I'm afraid I'll be bald! I had to put a catcher in my tub drain because I had to drain-o it last night for the second time in less than a month. Please, I need advice. I am so disheartened and I don't know what to do. Our midterm grades were due on Friday and I have already gotten them. I have 4 A's, 2 B's (91 and 90), and a D (Patho). I discovered that 10 points had been added to my last exam and apparently everyone else's because we all had an F by our schools grading rubric going into the midterm grading. Note: I bought a color atlas, made incredibly easy regular and visual, mnemonic decks, pathophlash, a physiology coloring book, and did concept maps. Any advice, experiences, tips and tricks help. #lostanddiscouraged
  7. Please any and everyone I need help. My patho professor gave us our first exam last week and 20 out of 24 people failed. We have NO idea what our professor is looking for and only just got to meet with her today and have a pow wow. How exactly should we be studying because apparently what we were doing was/is wrong. Right now we are on fluids and electrolytes, WBC's, RBC's, hemostasis, and stress. If anyone can shed some light, we would all be grateful. Some things we have tried: note taking, quizlet (about 9-10 different study sets), PrepU from lippincott, study groups, study guides, and comparing notes with each other.
  8. MeiDei

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    Doing okay. I've been in class since August 20th. I've passed all health assessment tests. We have one every Friday. I've done 1 paper, 1 15minute audiovisual presentation, and 1 17 slide PowerPoint and made A's on them! Had my first test in fundamentals and I made an 84 on it, also passed my skills check offs! Wasn't too happy about the 84 but I passed and I was on 7 chapters 🙌🏼. I did, however, fail my first pathophysiology exam me I CRIED! I studied for 5 days, made my own notes (15 pages worth), made flash cards, also did quizlet flash cards, got to level 4 mastery for each chapter on lippincott's prepu, and I still failed. It was also on 6 chapters, we had 1 1/2 lectures on these chapters (2 chapters of which she left us to our own devices), and 20 out of 24 people also failed...myself included. Professor refuses to curve it and has been MIA since last week. I had tried contacting said professor to not avail for 4 days so I went to our Dean who ironically got ahold of her within 30 minutes. ?!@)&?&;!!!! So bummed and frustrated.
  9. MeiDei

    Ebook or Textbook?

    I will say that I have both. Since our ebooks come with course point and prepu, we were required to get the ebooks. Now the perks are that they get online updates and videos for the ebooks through lippincott for certain ones. Now, I LOVE my Kindle. I do. But I HATE it for etexts. I have given myself migraines, my eyes hurt after a while, and I seriously despise flipping back and forth just to get to the page I need. So, that being said...I bought hard copies and I am in heaven. They may be more expensive and heavy as heck, but I NEEDED them. Hope this helps!
  10. MeiDei

    Holy cow! My book total is how much?!

    They said we will use them all throughout the program
  11. MeiDei

    Office space in bedroom - advice

    Maybe you could set up a little study area outside under the sun on nice days to give your mind a refreshing environment. I find that scenery opens the mind and makes reading more enjoyable. I am going to talk to my husband about a table and chair set for our front patio. I discovered this studying under the trees at my university. It is very peaceful.
  12. MeiDei

    Holy cow! My book total is how much?!

    Oh dang. I did pick up babysitting my nephews so my sister did pay for one of my rentals and 4 new binders for me. I'm happy with that, haha!
  13. MeiDei

    Office space in bedroom - advice

    I actually start the program in August. I bought this for my summer microbiology class.
  14. MeiDei

    Printer suggestions

    Thank you, thank you!
  15. MeiDei

    Office space in bedroom - advice

    You are quite welcome! It is a pretty decent size so there is ample space for righting. This is the largest one.
  16. MeiDei

    Anyone else want to burn their statistics book?