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rooseveltdunn has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in RN, BSN.

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  1. rooseveltdunn

    PNP vs WHNP

    I am finishing a PMHNP program but many of my close friends are recent graduates from the Pedi track and WH track. Have you considered looking into Neonatal and nurse-midwife specialties? The people in the pedi track that just graduated were having a hard time finding jobs and for women's health even our school advised students to dual certidy in both WH and Adult Gero (my school offers a dual track) as this would help increase job options. I know that neonatal and nurse mid wives have a better job market at the moment. Just food for thought.
  2. rooseveltdunn

    MGH IHP DE NP 2020

    It's straight into it but most of my class mates got jobs while doing the rest of the program. We graduate May of next year.
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently in my last year of NP school in Boston and strongly considering moving to Southern California (San Diego County). I am Socal on vacation and I fell in love with the place. However the cost of living and housing is extremely high and even though the profession pays well I wonder if I would be able to afford a decent house in a decent neighborhood without literally living check to check. I am married and plan on starting a family soon so I worry about the cost. Could any California based NPs tell me what it's like out there and if it affordable?
  4. rooseveltdunn

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    The school provides you with preceptors, I am a second year in the DEN program and will be starting mine in the incoming spring semester
  5. rooseveltdunn

    In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    Just a quick question, do they have positions that focus on psych evals and assessments too? Or are these jobs mainly focused on regular medical conditions? I am in school to be a Psych NP in Boston and I am really interested in doing this when I graduate.
  6. Now to be fair most jobs will give preference to experienced NPs a d RNs km just about any place but there are still jobs for new grads at least here in New England.
  7. I have many mentors that re Nurse managers and MD's and this is a question I posed to them when I first entered my program. The truth is: HIRING MANAGERS DO NOT CARE. There is a terrible shortage or Psych NP's and Psychiatrists; if you are licensed to practice you are in. The market is saturated for FNP's in some areas but even then, hiring managers do not discriminate between direct entry grads and traditional grads. The market does not allow for that kind of fickleness, especially in the psych world.
  8. rooseveltdunn

    NP program with low gpa

    How long ago was undergrad for you? A 2.7 GPA is definitely low for NP school but if you do well in the prerequisites, take some extra graduate courses and write a really good statement you may be able to get into some programs. Do not be discouraged, it's never easy.
  9. rooseveltdunn

    MGH IHP DE NP 2018

    Currently taking A& P 2 and Microbiology, MGH offers them online which is great since I still work full time at the moment, you have taken the GRE already?
  10. rooseveltdunn

    MGH IHP DE NP 2018

    Currently taking the last two prerequisites at MGH and preparing my statement later and recommendation letters, I am nervous, excited and a bit scared at the same time, I just want to finally start and concentrate on this chapter, I take the GRE at the end of November.
  11. rooseveltdunn

    Reconsidering FNP school - should I quit?

    The DNP requirement has not become a standard and will not become one for at least a few years so I would not factor that into your decision, you should spend time with FNPs if possible and look at their day to day to evaluate whether that is a path you would want to embark on.
  12. rooseveltdunn

    PMHNP admissions

    Your grades are pretty good honestly,granted, programs are competitive but you seem like a solid student overall and given the fact that you have a BSN already you won't have as hard of a time as you fear.
  13. rooseveltdunn

    Simmons Online vs. BC

    They are both solid programs and you should be fine with whatever you choose. BC is more rigorous but also quite respected in the state, all the NP's I know that graduated from there went on to do very well for themselves however Simmons is a fine program as well.
  14. rooseveltdunn

    Route to NP

    If you are already an RN with a BSN there are two good options one would be a part time program, many schools offer those for RN's who already have a degree, the other would an online school however I would be wary of those as they are not as respected as brick and mortar schools.
  15. Bump, anyone have an answer for this?
  16. I may do a 5th year option to get my master's at my school (cheap and no GRE needed since it is my alma mater) since it would be quite easy and would not take long, I know that MGH and Regis College waive the GRE if you already have a master's, I was wondering if BC does the same