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  1. missmacinblac

    UW ABSN 2015

    Ignore the stuff about the email, just found out via the compliance paperwork that we are prohibited from forwarding email!!!!
  2. missmacinblac

    UW ABSN 2015

    Hello cohort! Hang with me, this is a long one! So I spent the entire morning trying to figure out these exact same issues with Net ID, student number, etc. If you are really confused, definitely give the office of admissions a call. I used the number that was provided at the bottom of the UW acceptance letter. I received my official UW Seattle acceptance letter April 9th, and I have still not received my "big envelope" with all of the VITAL information we need to finish all the compliance paperwork. They said that it should be coming soon, but that's not good enough, so I'm driving to the admissions office today to sort this out!! I will update you all if you want. Unfortunately, we cannot get a student ID number until we receive this enrollment package and return the acceptance of admissions form and pay a $100 fee for enrollment. I saw somewhere that this is $300 for 1st year undergrads, but it is cheaper for us. I hope thats correct! UW Net ID: I spoke with UW Tech support about this. Couple of things: 1. Make sure that you go in to your account and manage your EMail Forwarding Options. This is located on the upper right hand corner of the screen right next to your login name. Otherwise all email sent to your UW account right now is bounced back and you won't receive it! 2. Until UW admissions updates all of our statuses from "Applicant" to "Student" there is nothing more that we can do with our UW Net ID, aka no compliance forms and no student number. BUT if anyone finds out anything different, please let me know! This May 4th deadline is creeping up quickly! In regards to students that are out of state or out of area and housing: I feel your pain! I moved to Seattle 3 weeks ago, but I spent the past 4 months looking for housing. Unfortunately housing in Seattle is a bit insane, and it is incredibly hard to get an apartment without being there cash in hand at the open houses. Here's a couple of things that really helped me find AND secure an apartment even though I lived out of the area: 1. Set up craigslist notifications on your phone. I entered what neighborhood, price range, bd/br, and availability parameters I wanted, and instead of having to constantly look on craigslist, craigslist would email me any time something was posted. 2. Have a rental application filled out and ready to go. I lost out on SO MANY apartments because I didn't immediately email the poster with my application while asking to view the apartment. 3. Check out different neighborhoods that might be a bit farther from UW, but are on direct bus routes. The 44 bus goes directly from Ballard RIGHT to the UW Health & Science building!! King County's metro site is extremely helpful with this. King County Metro Transit I would suggest Ravenna, Roosevelt, Madison Valley, Wallingford, Central district the backside of Capitol Hill, or Interlake. Seattle has terrible traffic since there's basically only one way in or out, so try to find somewhere where you don't have to cross I5 or more than 1 bridge to get to school. Traffic at 7am is awful! Which is crazy! Its 7 am! 4. Time to cash in those favors with friends and family who live in the area or know someone here! I managed to get my apartment because I have been talking to EVERYONE I know (and hardly know) about trying to find a place near UW in a safe neighborhood, and my parent's neighbor had an old friend who just happened to be moving out April 1st, and this woman put in a good word for me with her landlord and managed to convince her to meet me before posting an ad on craigslist. Whew! Hope this is helpful to someone!
  3. missmacinblac

    UW ABSN 2015

    Hello all! So I'm in a rather fun/scary position. I am currently #1 on the wait list for the ABSN 2015 program. Does anyone know when we will find out if we have been accepted or not? I live in Bellingham (90 miles north of Seattle) and I need to move down to Seattle, but it's hard to start looking for housing when I'm not really in yet! Ah! Any suggestions on where to look for housing near UW? I'd like to be as close as possible to avoid that lovely early morning traffic on the way to clinicals, but also in a nice neighborhood that's quiet and fun. Thanks so much!! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted, and for those of us on the wait list!

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