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Nurse Sasha has 41 years experience and specializes in OR.

I am an RN with 13 years of experience in medical/telemetry and surgical floor nursing. I have been an OR nurse for the past 28 years.

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  1. Nurse Sasha

    So...What Kind of Nursing Task Do You LIKE?

    I love OR, calming my patient's fears, getting them properly positioned, foley inserted, prepped and draped. I love being a part of helping to save a trauma patient, what a rewarding feeling!
  2. Nurse Sasha

    Assertiveness versus Bullying

    You cannot be a doormat unless you lie down. Perhaps you should stop agreeing to work overtime all the time. Don't apologize,just say that you can't stay late today.
  3. Nurse Sasha

    Run-in with a doctor

    Document this - bullying, and public humiliation is not acceptable. Disruptive behavior should not be tolerated, and is a patient safety issue. A hospital that tolerates this physician behavior is in fact promoting this as acceptable! Write her up, the hospital has a duty to provide a safe working environment; and this is not it! When these things are properly documented, they are seen by the medical executive committee, and must be addressed by the chief of staff with this physician. This doctor needs to learn that it is not acceptable to talk to the staff in this manner. When we tolerate this, we accept this as appropriate.
  4. Nurse Sasha

    Is PACU (recovery room?) good door to OR?

    If your real goal is am OR position, you should focus on that. Make an appointment with the nurse manager of your OR to introduce yourself and find out if there are any open positions in the department. Ask how you could qualify for a job there, and if you could shadow another nurse in the OR to see if that would be a good fit for you. In our OR we have hired nurses from other areas of our hospital without OR experience. Please realize that OR nursing is a very different specialty area and is definitely NOT a easy piece of cake job. That being said, I love the OR and find it most rewarding, and different every day. Check out the AORN.org website for more in depth OR info. Best of luck to you!
  5. Nurse Sasha

    Straight cath in MD's office

    I think you would be justified in discussing this with the physician at the next visit. This is not acceptable care in my opinion, certainly advocate for your family member as well as the other patients who are subjected to this sub standard practice!
  6. Nurse Sasha

    i want to quittttt!!!!

    I have no experience in the home Heath field, never considered it an option. That being said; I would not complete any charting on another nurse's work that I did not observe. That seems to be falsifying medical records to me which seems to be a liability for you and your company. I would actively search for a new job in another company. Good luck!
  7. Don't jump ship again so quickly - it takes time to get more comfortable in the bigger OR settings with the more complex cases. The more you do them the more confident you will become and one day soon it will be like the light bulb clicks and you suddenly will feel like you are " home"! I came from a small outpatient surgery to a level 1 trauma center, so I totally understand! Even with 14 years OR experience; it took me almost a year to feel like I was really comfortable in the big OR. I love it , and wouldn't dream of going back! The challenge is worth it, hang in there Coco!
  8. Nurse Sasha

    "Bad Patients" - A Labor of Love

    I enjoyed your beautifully written article, and have indeed felt those same emotions driving by the hospital and looking up wondering about the patients and their caregivers behind those blinds. I am so reassured that there are still young new nurses who have the same dedication to providing the gentle dignified care that we all wish for ourselves and our families. After forty years as a nurse, I still find nursing a rewarding and satisfying career. You keep up the good work S.Bush!

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