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  1. basenjilove808

    Regret, depression

    Hello all, I've been a nurse for two years and I have despised every minute of it since week three in orientation. The patient-nurse ratios, the families, the *** doctors that call you out in front of everyone at the nurses station, the task list, the never-ending demands and stress, etc. I am an introvert with a major anxiety disorder and this job is killing me. Everyday at work is a battlefield for me. I find myself with fmla calling in all the time bc I still can't sleep for work due to debilitating anxiety- heart racing. Fishing my way through the demands of patients, families, and a multidisciplinary team. I feel like a failure. I worked so hard to get where I'm at and now I would do anything for a different job or another career. I've applied to cardiac cath lab, endo, and cardiac ICU with no hits. I've been stuck at a bedside (tele) position for two years and I'm starting to lose my mind. Why is bedside so demanding? Why are patient-nurse ratios so high? Why is the nursing field like this? IDK what else to say I guess I'm venting. Just at my wits end again with this field.
  2. that is job was a mistake and people are very uneducated
  3. basenjilove808

    I literally hate my job

    So, I graduated in December 2016, passed and got my NCLEX in February and got my dream job in March in cardiology. I loved cardiology in school and thought it would be a great fit. Three weeks into orientation I absolutely hated it, now 6 months later, I still hate it. I went into nursing because I want to be a CRNA. I'm an introvert, I don't like being around people or talking to people all day long, dealing with their problems. That's why I think CRNA is the perfect fit for me. I don't think it is just this particular floor that I don't like. I do believe this is just the nature of floor nursing, or nursing in general. I absolutely cannot stand the constant business, busting my ass, admissions, discharges, social work, doctors, families, dietary, rapid response, and exhaustion I feel at the end of every shift. I have called into work THREE TIMES IN 6 months, I am just absolutely miserable. I am looking for other jobs but you know everybody wants experience and with only six months I don't have very many options. Why does nursing seem like such a good career choice in school then in reality I regret it everyday.
  4. basenjilove808

    When to start UWorld and preparing for NCLEX

    did you complete all the questions in uworld?
  5. basenjilove808

    NCLEX March 2017

    i graduated 12/17 and am taking nclex march 1. It's nice to know that someone is waiting a little while to take it as well. Seems that most of my class mates took it already, which is making me feel like I should have been done myself. I started with Kaplan and the nclex mastery app, used that for about a month and now exclusively uworld. After using uworld, I wish I would have just been using it the whole time instead of wasting my time and energy doing kaplan and nclex mastery. It was just too much. Stick with one program.
  6. basenjilove808

    New Grads With Attitude

    Soon to grad in December. I expect to work weekends and holidays but I will not work nights. Really hoping I can find afternoon shift.
  7. basenjilove808

    Macomb Community College 2016

    I received my letter on April 29, 2014 so you'll get one soon. Enjoy the time you have now, I know nursing school sounds good now but just wait until you start the program. Glad I'm going on my final stretch here. It's hard and it's a lot of work, especially trying to work at the same time.
  8. basenjilove808

    I hate clinicals - Anyone else with me?

    Oh trust me I know! I want to be a CRNA, I have no interest in RN so I think that's why I am so unhappy :g/
  9. basenjilove808

    I hate clinicals - Anyone else with me?

    Does anyone else just absolutely hate clinicals? Miserable through out this whole program? I can't wait to be done with all this. It draining me to the core and I'm tired.
  10. basenjilove808


    7-8, cant choose the hospital or who your with, or really anything for that matter.
  11. basenjilove808

    Wellp just failed my first test

    Well guys, just failed my first test ever in nursing school in my psych rotation. What a blow to my ego. Haven't failed a test in many years.
  12. basenjilove808


    That's kinda what I was thinking too....but for now just gotta roll with it and take the blows.
  13. basenjilove808


    Anyone else dis-like clinicals? I hate everything about it, getting up, driving there at the ass crack of dawn, being tired and having to learn, pretending to be happy, purposefully intimidating professors? I like nursing, I really do and I am so thankful for this opportunity, but I can't stand the feeling of not being in contol. They decided your everything for you including your schedule. I've never been a morning person, and almost a year into the program and I'm still not. I struggle to get up, I struggle to get any sleep the night before. My anxiety spikes the night before, not about clinical itself, but just about being exhausted and feeling like **** all day at clinical. I wish I could get an afternoon clinical. For some reason, I feel like that would really solve all my problems. I have psychopsyiological insomnia so all these early clinicals are a serious issue for me.
  14. basenjilove808

    I can't stop thinking about quitting nursing school.

    I ABSOLUTEY, ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY, HATE NURSING SCHOOL. Especially ESPECIALLY clinicals! Can't stand them. The night before clinical, I can never sleep because I'm so miserable about having to go there the next morning. I'm in my psych rotation now and I just HATE it! However, I do know that in the end all this is going to pay off, and there's soo so so much you can do with nursing. You WILL find something! It is good to know that I'm not the only one who hates nursing school!