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  1. MSN vs DNP
  2. Is going to school out of state a bad idea?

    I graduated May, and took my NCLEX July 1.
  3. Is going to school out of state a bad idea?

    I graduated nursing school during the recession in Ohio. I had an extremely difficult time finding a job because I was a new graduate. During my spring break, I traveled to Dallas, Texas and submitted my application at the various hospitals in the ar...
  4. NP net worth

    I am an ACNP, working within a hospital. How do ya'll track your net worth? I know you can look at improved patient outcomes, decreased length of stay, and patient load. But how do know the value that you bring to your organization so you can use tha...
  5. More work, no pay increase..

    Just accepted a job offer at a university hospital for 20% more money and way better benefits! I can't believe I put up with such BS for so long. This was definitely a life lesson as a nurse practitioner. Don't let people take advantage of our skills...
  6. ACNP or AGACNP? Help?

    If I were you, I would take the AGACNP exam. I wish I could, but my class structure at the time did not meet the requirements to take the AGACNP. Now, if for whatever reason I let my license lapse, I will need to go back to school and take the gero c...
  7. ACNP or AGACNP? Help?

    I thought the ANCC is done with the ACNP exam, and has formulated the AGACNP exam per the LACE model. At least at my school, I know I was the last class to take the ACNP exam December 2013, because it was changing to include more geriatric questions ...
  8. More work, no pay increase..

    I really want to thank you all for your advice and motivation to not be taken advantage of. I want to update you on more of the ugliness that has transpired. After my meeting with the CNO, I asked my boss for a raise. I stated, "you know I've worked...
  9. More work, no pay increase..

    No contract. Just a collaborative agreement with my intensivists.
  10. More work, no pay increase..

    The way this issue was presented to me was under time constraints so I couldn't really gather my thoughts to present a logical answer other then I'll think about it and get back with them. I almost felt threatened that if I didn't do this for the hos...
  11. Where are you going for your DNP

    I currently work 40 hours a week as a NP at a hospital, and I am currently enrolled full time at Saint Louis University's DNP program. It is very challenging but doable. It is all online except for an orientation in the beginning, and presentation of...
  12. More work, no pay increase..

    What would you do as a nurse practitioner? I have been working at a hospital within the critical care areas with 2 intensivists for the past year. Apparently, another group of doctors are interested in a NP of their own, but it isn't budgeted. The CN...