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NP net worth

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I am an ACNP, working within a hospital. How do ya'll track your net worth? I know you can look at improved patient outcomes, decreased length of stay, and patient load. But how do know the value that you bring to your organization so you can use that information to leverage a better salary?

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I love hearing about other NPs who do hospital work!

In my experience being able to say at ABC hospital they pay their NPs XYZ will be your best bet if you are having to deal with administrators or HR. I personally prefer to take it to my medical director and have him lobby for me which has always worked. At another job I knew a few Docs so I had a decent idea of what they make and they told me what the hospital was paying the Locums they were using due to staffing shortages so that was my ticket to step up my negotiations. My productivity is on par with the psychiatrists, I'm well connected and thought to be competent so I normally end up at about 85% of what they are paying the Docs. I personally don't get too involved with attempting to prove my worth, it should go without saying, right? :)

Good luck!