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  1. Green-eyedNurse

    New instructor need help!

    Hey everyone, i just accepted a position as a CNA instructor. I've been searching the boards and googling until I can read no more. I need help. I don't want to fail miserably. I want to have a plan. Students are self paced so everyone is in a different spot. Can an I have other educators typical set up of what your day involves? How do you cater to each student? How do you handle skills lab? any help and advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Green-eyedNurse

    Massachusetts nurse needs help!

    Hello all, sorry in advance i know this ? has been answered plenty of times..... Ive completed all but one exam for excelsior and I'm SCARED to death of the CPNE. Can you please advise of some LPN-RN or even LPN-BSN online schools that allow clinical where you live that are MA approved? any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Green-eyedNurse

    LPN-First interview

    I'm curious did you accept the job?
  4. Green-eyedNurse

    Please help credit by exam

    Beginning with the Fall 2015 trimester, all our nursing theory examinations will be packaged with newly designed online conferences that will provide you with a trimester-based experience to facilitate your preparation for each examination. These will be called the Nursing Theory Conference Examination Series (NTCX).
  5. I'm very confused and yes worried this is my dream job as a nurse!!! I had a interview last week... Went well the director of nursing said I would be a great fit and so on also when orientation would start she then asked me to come in the following week and fill out paperwork and cori... She said she had someone else to interview for the position a hour before me returning (the 2nd week) Now what? I'm confused about If I go back and she says go home... Why would she feel the need to tell me about another appointment before I came in to fill out paperwork?
  6. Green-eyedNurse

    Please help credit by exam

    So I understand that credit by exam will change this fall!! I was wondering has anyone finished all credit by exams in a quick amount of time? If so how long did it take for you to complete all? Thank you
  7. Green-eyedNurse

    3rd shift.... What to expect?

    Hello everyone! I have landed a interview with a detox Center. I'm considering third shift.... What should I expect? Any advice would be great this is my dream job...
  8. Green-eyedNurse

    I passed the NCLEX PN!

  9. Green-eyedNurse

    Lincoln tech lpn

    I graduated in the second class they will still trying to get the program organized with having enough teachers
  10. Green-eyedNurse

    What are the odds? LPN Admissions

    I suggest studying with the teas book and taking the ATI practice test. Just think "I can do this" don't let the stress eat you up!