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  1. nurseLit5e

    Signs you are a Correctional Nurse:

    i do wear makeup, many coworkers wear nail polish, they (we nurses) actually groom the same as any other nursing job, going by the grooming standards of your work place. you just do not want to go around looking like you want a date! in other words be yourself, just don't look like your trying to hard.
  2. nurseLit5e

    Signs you are a Correctional Nurse:

    that's where we (nurses) get our laughs, the misspellings, bad grammar and just all around hilarity of the message they try to get across on the all too famous "sick call slip". I just recently read one that started out with "My butt itches" OMG, what a laugh!
  3. nurseLit5e

    My life as a Correctional Nurse

    i have worked in correctional nursing for 8 years, and i find it easier to just do my JOB, dont try to be friends with the inmates and you will be fine. the(mis) Management of the nurses (scheduling) is the biggest problem we have.
  4. nurseLit5e

    Saving Lives, 1 cup of Gatorade at a Time!

    We have a similar situation here at our prison, inmate comes in c/o sever headache, numbnesss tingling in one arm, and the R.N. brushes him off... well after many Dr. visits for same complaints, they find a large mass in his brain and wanted to do surgery on the spot! (local hospital) the inmate was floored with all this information (he also had a midline shift) and wanted to think it over, the surgeon said do it within the hour or its off! so the inmate said no way, and will be going back for sugery, as his options were not good. On yours, good catch!
  5. nurseLit5e

    Does this sound right to you?

    i also work dr.line at a state prison, and sometimes are asked to "triage" the inmates that the dr. should have seen that day, it a way of covering their ass if an inmate is truly ill, which i did find one who had to get sent out to have gallbladder surgery. I have never had a supervisor call the dr. at home for orders though, usually we have another Dr. in the clinic that can either take a look at the inmate, or write orders if needed.