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  1. Blue_Moon

    Nursing dilemma

    Are you asking what you should do? If it were me, I would not want to work six days a week 12 hr shifts. I feel like you would get burnt out a lot quicker that way. Can you not pick up regular overtime at your main job? Could you wait and pick up a prn job closer to you instead of another full time one? I would explore these options first.
  2. Blue_Moon

    Per diem job ideas?

    You could sub as a school nurse if you're able to be off during the week to do it!
  3. Blue_Moon

    Tips for Returning to Nursing After a Gap

    I took 10 years away from nursing to stay home with my kids. I was able to return to work without a problem. Of course, I live in a rural area with a high demand for nurses so that helped. I volunteered a lot with my kid's teachers. I then used those teachers as "professional" references and it worked. Also, I was able to secure employment because I never burned any bridges and reached out to nurses still in the jobs I was ready to return to. My local hospital had no problem re-orienting me just like any new nurse. I do like some of the way things are done better now, however, the stress is higher trying to get more done. I started out prn, then went part time, and then full. I definately recommend doing that if possible because it's hard to go from being at home all the time to being away from home. It helped me and my family slowly get used to me taking more time away from home and eased them into slowly learning to help out more. Trust me it's a big transition for everyone but it's doable!
  4. Blue_Moon

    Is it a bad idea to return to the hospital?

    Thanks for all the replies! I think I’ll take the advice to wait until summer if I’m still interested in making a change and trying a prn position. I don’t want to lose a good thing because I’m going through a slow spell at work. Also someone mentioned be careful of making major life changing decisions when a major life change is coming up so that also made me think I should slow down and really weigh my options. Best wishes to everyone!
  5. Blue_Moon

    Difficulty finding topics

    Yes same here! I used to just type in my phrase and would get several relevant hits and now I don’t get anything useful usually. I’ve tried doing it several different ways and most of the time when I do it how it suggests I get nothing. I’ve started googling my topic which will bring up many allnurses links about what I’m looking for. Try that!
  6. I’m also in a job with a perfect work life balance where I’m very comfortable but looking to move on because of many of the same reasons you are so I can relate. When I thought about how I might feel in five years if I didn’t change jobs it made me feel down and uninspired. When I thought about moving on I felt excited and hopeful so that’s why I’m actively looking to make a change. I see no reason for you to stay put if you’re feeling the same. However, try and leave on good terms in case you ever want to return. You never know but at least you won’t regret not trying if you find yourself back there someday.
  7. Blue_Moon

    RN switching specialties....indecisive, unmotivated?

    This! I agree with murseman. I worked in the OR as a circulator for about six months and left because it just wasn't for me. I was stressed by the holier than thou surgeons and bored because I basically did patient interviews, preps, set up rooms, and charted when I wasn't grabbing supplies during surgeries. You are not using hardly any skills you will need for any of the positions you're interested in. I'm not saying working in the OR is easy at all. There is SO much to learn and know, it can be overwhelming but just in a different way. Before you jump ship since you seem to really like your job (which many nurses look for years to find) why don't you shadow a nurse for half a shift in some different areas on your days off. That will give you a good idea of what's entailed and if it interests you before you go through all the trouble of finding a new position!
  8. Blue_Moon

    Nursing Uniforms: From Skirts to Scrubs and Beyond

    Ok well that makes me feel better then. I rarely wipe down my grocery cart handles. I like to live dangerously.
  9. Blue_Moon

    C'Mon Now!

    OH MY GOSH! You cannot make this stuff up! Wow!!!
  10. Blue_Moon

    Nursing Uniforms: From Skirts to Scrubs and Beyond

    When I graduated I wore all white. I'm thankful that year the hats became optional. I could never get mine to stay on! I even had a white dress. It was very difficult to work in that dress crouching down lady like to empty foley bags or whatever! I had many of old men slip their hands right up my dress as I was reaching above them to adjust oxygen or whatever! The whites ended up looking dingy in no time and some stains just would never completely leave. However, you looked clean (because you immediately knew when you weren't and had to change) and every one knew immediately which one was the nurse! I felt proud to dress for work because I earned the right to dress like that! Then the hospitals provided solid colored scrubs for the staff and even washed them for us and the color was based on what floor we worked on. Then that became too expensive so we were required to buy and wash our own required colored scrubs. Then we were allowed to wear any color or pattern we wanted for years but now we are back to a certain color for each job (RN, CNA, RT, OT, etc) with a color-coded chart for guests so they will know who is who. I don't think the patients remember or feel like looking at that chart all day long if they see a new color. I also don't like the fact the staff must carry any and all germs out of the hospital and home to wash with their family's laundry. With the development of all these drug resistant germs, I can see that being changed maybe but I'm sure if they did provide laundry services it won't be free. There's really not a uniform that makes nurses stand out anymore. Everyone wears scrubs. Including housekeepers, cooks, basically anyone in the hospital or service industry outside the hospitals. I no longer feel special.
  11. Blue_Moon

    Looking for advice..

    Tell your manager you aren't able to handle all of this extra responsibility well and give a couple suggestions on what would make it better an see if she's willing to make those changes. In the mean time, start looking for another position somewhere else. I don't think it looks that bad to say you've been in med-surg 2 years and since you worked at the other specialty for only 2 months you wouldn't have to put it on a resume unless you wanted to. Or if it's the same place you find a different position, just explain you tried a specialty and you didn't enjoy that area. I think most nurses can relate. You should be fine.
  12. Blue_Moon

    New Career in Management???? Advice?

    I agree with kbrn, it's better to start in management somewhere fresh so you co-worker friends aren't expecting special treatment for days off or whatever. I think you'll get along well with new staff since you seem to have a lot of friends where you are now. The fact you're worried about leaving your friends in a bind means you care, but consider the fact there will be an opening for another nurse who may really need or want it and it's their turn to be there now. Change is scary. You're leaving something comfortable. Don't let it hold you back. If they are really your friends they will support you. If they aren't, then you haven't lost anything!
  13. Blue_Moon

    C'Mon Now!

    This may already be in here somewhere but today, today I'm so irritated that teachers feel anything of mine is free reign. I don't mind sharing my vaseline or lotion in a pinch but if you need it every day, buy your own, you're an adult! I had an aide to request to have one of my chapsticks. I said those are for the kids who can't afford one with really bad chapped lips so she declined. They were always asking for pain med for headaches so the principal bought some to put in the supply closet for teachers because I said I can't hand them out. Then she bought antacids. Then a teacher didn't have any feminine hygeine supplies and asked me for a tampon that I don't have because we only go to 5th grade and the principal told me we (meaning me) needed to get some for the staff. I'm not using my nursing money for the staff-I barely have enough to cover my bandaids and thermometer covers for the year! So I have never gotten any. I had a teacher the other day ask me for a cough drop. I found one in my purse out of the goodness of my heart and didn't even get a thank you! If I have to search through my own purse to give you something that's not required, I'm gonna need a thank you! I guess it's the same as them cutting through my office all day saying they are sorry but they keep doing it anyway. So no, you really aren't sorry. Sigh!! Ok I feel better! LOL!
  14. Blue_Moon

    PTO/Sick Leave, etc.

    We get 13 days a year, 10 are sick days and 3 are personal days for any reason we want. We can only accrue up to 6 personal days or we won't get anymore until those are used up to prevent staff from taking week long vacations. However, the teachers are approved by the principal ALL THE TIME to take a week off around holidays to go to Disney or wherever. Nurses would never be approved to do that. If I were you, I'd just call in sick, or maybe prearrange it as a "dr appointment". No it's not super honest but I know for a fact teachers do that kind of stuff all the time without batting an eye. Ask the teachers what they do.
  15. Blue_Moon

    Is it a bad idea to return to the hospital?

    Trust me, I have been exploring many options. I don't want to work from home. I know some people love it but I'm practically stuck in front of a computer all day already and I want to get away from that. I don't want a nursing home or dr's office. I really don't want to work five days a week. I don't want to drive around all day from house to house esp in this area where it's not the safest. The only place that has what I'm looking for is the hospital at this point. Even if I decide not to stick with it forever, it will still give me a break from this and open doors for something else. Almost every job wants recent clinical experience and they don't count this. I know many people are burnt out on the hospital. I'm burnt out on what I'm doing even though it's easy.