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  1. Hello! I am in my last semester of nursing school and I am starting to look for prospective jobs. I currently work as a "Student Nurse" at a local hospital, which is essentially a CNA position. Some managers and directors have asked when I graduate ...
  2. Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions

    Hello, I thought I would add some confidence to anyone out there with scores on the lower end. I scored a 61% on my first self assessment and a 60% on my second. Both of these scores warranted a "Highly Likely" to pass the NLCEX on the first try. I ...
  3. What advice would you give to a new nursing student?

    Take time for yourself! This was the hardest lesson for me to learn, but I started getting burnt out after two months, so it was necessary. Don't hold back. You may be unsure of yourself, especially in the beginning, you will be amazed at what you k...
  4. Just got accepted now what??

    If it's been a while, review A&P, but mostly pathophysiology. BUT DO THIS MINIMALLY! Enjoy your free time now while you still have some! I wish that I would have enjoyed my time before classes started more. Congratulations and enjoy this victory!
  5. Has anybody used this book?

    I have this book. It's helpful for quick facts, but I haven't really used it much this semester (in my last week of my first semester).
  6. How to study properly?

    I got this advice from senior Nursing students in my program, "if you can read the chapter, great, but make sure you READ THE BOXES AND TABLES even if you don't have time for the whole chapter!" They have all said that undoubtedly, there are question...
  7. FSW Fall 2015

    I was thinking the same thing. If we already have them loaded in medical records and they have a copy then we shouldn't have to pay anymore. I feel petty about it as well, but at the same time... Really? I've spent so much money and we haven't even s...
  8. FSW Fall 2015

    Certified profile is finally available! But for an additional $35 dollars. Does that seem crazy to anyone else, or just me?
  9. FSW Fall 2015

    Thank you, I was going to buy all of those things, so now I know to hold off! I appreciate your help!
  10. FSW Fall 2015

    Thank you for all the information! Is there anything that they do not provide that we will need to purchase? Like the bandage scissors and storage clipboard? The kit seems great, but I just want to be prepared when the day comes :) Thanks again!
  11. FSW Fall 2015

    I just checked in with an advisor and they said they do not know when the orientation will be available and that they are still working on correcting any errors with the certified profile. We may know more next week.
  12. FSW Fall 2015

    Spoke to Charlotte Nursing advisor. She said that we need to get the influenza shot when it is in season (Sept-Nov) until then we may not find any. The hospitals usually require and they will check up on us closer to the season for the shots. Yes, it...
  13. FSW Fall 2015

    I asked my doctor about it too. He said it's not in season so they don't have one :/
  14. FSW Fall 2015

    Where does it say we have to get an influenza shot?
  15. FSW Fall 2015

    So excited for this semester!